Monday, March 30, 2015

On Fixing your life

You know one thing I have never understood

The thing where a woman is lied to and betrayed by the man she loves but somehow IS ridiculed by everybody.

Twitter I see all of you with your hearts never broken and your 120% faithful men.

So over the weekend I was un-fortunate enough to watch the Karauche tran episode where she unfortunatley invited that hag Iyanla to come and * cough* Fix her life.

Children OF the great God- Please why will she do this?

Anyways the interview started with this Life fixer taking the  most advantage of her.

I was sooooo MAD.

LOL I am stilll so mad.

She actually said and I quote to this poor Karauche- I believe like attracts like; so tell me what part of you is Damaged to attracted a Damaged man.


This heifer, came into Karauche's house to tell her she was damaged because she dated Chris Brown.

Erm Aunty?

Anyways at that Point karauche's manager told them to SHUT DOWN the interview asap.

After sometime- probably putting Iyanla on a leash, she started asking proper questions and potraying  Kara in the light that she should have from the on set.

Look- I get that fame is hard. It really is.

And there are fewer worse things than having your cheating ass boyfriend betray you in front of all you 3 million twitter and 8 million instagram followers but; It doesnt make you damaged.

I am sending Good vibes to Karauche. ( who I must confess is mighty stupid for using such a useless medium to get her voice heard) BUT No one deserves to be called daddy-less by someone who is trying to Fix your life for you.

ALSO- Mayyyjorrr shout out to Xtina Milian for Shutting down Iyanla when she was attempting to throw shade.

Iyanla was like - As a friend where were you when your friend was being lied to, betrayed and having  her love taken for granted by the media

Xtina Cut her in like- All women experience this so what is your point?


Also I watched an episode of RHHOA over the weekend.

Throws bucket of judgement on people who watch the ratchet mess that is that show abeg.

ahn ahn.

Alsoooooo human beings are so weird. Like people offend you then when you keep your distance from them they start acting like - ah ah you are some how.

And I am like - really.

Trick check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Final thing people I have learnt and I think you can not go wrong with protection of personal space on the internet.

Look if it makes you salty- BLOCK IT

If it's poster inspires envy- MUTE THEM

I feel like social media is really my escape from reality where I am a direct descendant of Lot's wife ( Pillar of salt) in real life SOOOOO I do not need to come online and find more reasons to be saltier than a bag of lays.

No for real- My internet space is basically- sugar spice and every fucking thing nice...

I want my internet space to say to me everytime I log on- ALL THIS CANDY AND YOU STILL WANNA BE SALTY.

Not- here extra salt for your already salty life?

Meanwhile It is Holyweek this week.

I am excited, relieved and thankful for God's grace through this lent season.

Can not believe it is almost 5 Days left.


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mizchif said...

I only followed that interview via twitter. I don't understand how anyone would invite someone into their home to insult them, but hey.....ratings.
I know even the best women get played by dumb ass niggas who they genuinely love, BUT.........K allowed too much, IMO maybe it was a case of dick too bomb that kept reeling her back in. On the other hand i'm super glad for my girl Rih who was able to gather to strength to eventually leave that sugar dick and move on with her life.

I've never been able to follow any of the real housewives BUT i know i love LHHNY so i'm sure i'd probably like it too.

Saw one of these memes the other day about people not realising how hard you're riding for them until you park. I've never known how to do stressful r/ships. This may not be the best thing but i can't be stretching myself thin for you and you'll just be doing anyhow.

About social media, when i see people complaining about say a certain persons tweets i almost want to ask if they don't know where the unfollow button is. I feel like padlocks are not necessary but i've been known to block both friends and family just for the sake of peace. I'm on the interwebs to have fun please,keep your salt.


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