Tuesday, April 7, 2015


So you guys it just occurred to me that I lied when I said my dreams do not consist of wedding planning.

Someone asked me what song I wanted to dance to my wedding reception with and I knew.

I knew because I have spent hours recounting how this particular moment will play out. 

Song of Choice - P-squares chop my money.

So basically me dancing as best as I can, not enough to sweat, but enough to inform those attending the wedding that I met my spouse at the club.

And when the chorus starts, he starts spraying me with hundred dollar bills. 

Usd because- what is austerity?

And what is exchange rate to a bride? 

Not a damn thing.

Anyways after he finishes spraying me with the first bundle, Dj will they proceed to play k-cee Limpopo. 

Then I will drop it like its hot, and my husband's best man will bring out MINT 1000 Naira notes- and make it RAIN.

As I said; I have clearly spent a lot of time dreaming/ thinking and constructing how this would pan out.

You do not want to know what I plan to do with the money they spray me sha.

I hope we all had a lovely easter. And we are looking forward to election enjoyment . Over the weekend. 

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