Monday, July 25, 2016

Top 5

My Top 5 poorest decisions this week (never mind that its just Monday) in no particular order.

- 1 Let someone thread my already non- existent eyebrows. ( In my defence I was ill)
-2 I took a malaria drug that I apparently react too, but I did not know ( again fully ignorant)
-3 waited a whole 24 hours before deciding that I might die and took myself to the hosptial
-4 Changing my hospital same day via Avon HMO ( you already know how poorly HMO covers work)
-5 Cutting raw pepper for indomie and going to pee.

this adverse reaction I am experiencing , is apparently something everyone that has two eyes and has had malaria in the last 3 years.

Ore did not know.

She just jejely took her drug. and started itching like there was no tomorrow. Everywhere.

I think I might have started developing buyers remorse for gifts.

Eros gifted me perfume, And I was like really *insert eyeroll here*  because I thought it was a cheap move to distract me from me calling him out on his debit card Ninja behavior.

Anyways I asked him how much he bought it, when he told me, I had to physically stop myself from saying- PLEASE GIVE ME THE MONEY.

But this new attitude is even when I say I want something, we go to said store, I buy said item.
I come home and regret buying it like- Help me please. Who is this person?

I'm finding that I do not really like material things anymore, and I blame that woman who wrote the book about sparking joy.

She said your house/space  is not untidy because you are messy. It is because you have too many things.

Obviously I gave a shit load away and decided to do a more buy only what you realllly need approach.

Turns out, there are few things, you reallly need and a vacation is one of them. I promise.

We should travel and see the world.
P.s - Young people are so amazing. My 17 year old cousin is staying with me for a bit and has just shown me how reckless young people are.
Also how expensive house guests are and
How in sync Eros and I are as people who live together.

He is also really shy which means he tends to lie a lot. Well he does that thing where I ask him if he is hungry and he says - no.

And I'm like okay sha come and eat because I'm guessing you should be hungry and He just literally jumps into the plate.

AND I'M LIKE BUT I JUST ASKED YOUUUU, if you were hungry? *confused*

Its exasperating.

but I have a new found respect for my momma.

She let people run AMOK, in her household for so long. Like sisters, cousins, nieces.
Everyone wants to come to Lagos and stay in her house.
She has truly earned the name Big Mummy.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tired of Waiting

I got tired of waiting to read a love story I can relate to, I decided to do something about it.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Meanwhile I just realised how much overlapping the men in my life were doing.

Thinking of my great 3 5 loves and I can't talk about one without someone random popping up.

Unlike most men I know, a lot of the decisions I made regarding the relationships I had, were influenced by concurrent existing relationships with other men.

Think a Venn Diagram.

But Only my very first Love T, did not experience that juggle act with me.

But before people crawl out of the wood work. Let it be known that I have always been honest.

Always, was honest when the men overlapped, was honest when they had to stop over lapping, and was even most honest when they could not overlap for social reasons.

*ps- Rebound, I am so sorry you came ALL the way for my birthday and I could not see you. ( You get a slot in my great loves roll call.

I am really really excited about this but I am nervous as well. Like I mean if you read my blog you have probably figured out the loves by now.

BUT it is still an emotionally tasking thing to do. It is like looking for something in a bag of clothes you have kept away for so long and you just do not know what you will find.

And it is scary because- What if I find something I had planned to give out and decide to keep for myself?

Especially when I know I can not keep anything I have kept in the bag to give out.

Because Happily Married.

Because all you have is your word and when you say you are going to give out something. You keep your word and if it out.

Pss- I really am talking about clothes. and men.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Femi- Mosa

While we all know Ore is not team Yoruba boys.

I am in LOVE. Love. Love. Irrevocably, utterly, absolutely, categorically,completely, implicitly, undisuptedly,  wholeheartedly in LOVE with this song.

Anyways. here it is. My new love.

I would say I hope you like it.

But Honestly, I couldn't care less if you don't care for it.

Because it's my blog and if I say the song is popping. 

It's Popping.

*insert Joan the scammer hair flip here* 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Yet another update

If I said my life was anything but uneventful, I would be telling lies that would make the devil proud.

These last few days have been something else.

Now Eros turned 30 and we did NOTHING.

No rice, no cake no "minerals". I swear the Yoruba girl in me died a little.

But on the upside it was the extension of the three day middle of the week public holiday. You have to love Nigeria.

I mean. Best really.

I slept, went to the gym, washed my hair did wedding planning.

OMG my waking hours are occupied with wedding planning details.

But on the upside my sister won a wedding dress yesterday!

My Mother is like " You won a FREE dress?, Like you do not have to pay?"

She does not believe. "If it is truly free, you have to buy accessories from her!" she said.

And she wants us to mention the bridal house in the wedding program. To say she is excited is not a joke.

This means our budget is actually getting feasible.

Helping my sister plan this wedding is teaching me many things.

One of which- Is that people will negotiate with you. and they would be willing to enter your budget- If you are honest.

In other words- Non packaging helps.

I know it sounds counter intuitive but it has been working for me.

Also try to get prices before you throw the W word around. The W word is wedding.

people just like to add costs for no reason.

Anyways that is all for wedding talk.

I am looking for someone who has adobe illustrator. if you have and you know how to use it let me know.

I am doing Okay these days.

I am undecided between going to to America in two weeks.

For some reason I am reluctant to go- I have no idea why.

And we all know I love to travel.

My mum has been falling ill lately, which is very unlike her.

I asked her, she said its the money she is spending on the wedding making her sick.

And you know what- I totally understood it. Totally. ha!


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday evenings

I've been home all day drifting in and out of sleep, tweeting, watching the season finale of season 6 GOT ( even though I haven't watched  season 2,3,4 or 5). - Peer pressure or nah?

Anyways. I feel like I need to let you people know something.

Eros Loves to argue.

I am sat here. writing this post and watching him argue. with his younger brother.
Guess what they are arguing about?

Whose University has a better digital library.

I am serious.
This man should have been a lawyer.
The sheer joy and happiness he must derive from arguing must be bottled and sold.
He is so passionate about this particular argument.

I have rolled my eyes so many times. and occasionally they both turn to me and ask me a question to back up their arguments.

*insert eye roll here*

I am learning that you have to support your husband.even googling facts to support his argument. especially when you know the argument is stewwwwwpid.

I mean Eros just stated that Davido is number 2 in the Nigerian music market and he graduated from Babcock.

You guys I quipped in and mentioned he studied music. No one believed the fact ( including the Eros that I was supporting)- so I had to google the graduation article. and read it out loud.

*insert silence*

anyways I am now inside the argument. and my brother in law is sweating an arguing with me.
Eros just stepped back in.

Argument has ended.

With the classic words " You are mad, Get out"

Marriage is definitely interesting.

I need to get back to go working on the weekend.


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