Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tired of Waiting

I got tired of waiting to read a love story I can relate to, I decided to do something about it.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Meanwhile I just realised how much overlapping the men in my life were doing.

Thinking of my great 3 5 loves and I can't talk about one without someone random popping up.

Unlike most men I know, a lot of the decisions I made regarding the relationships I had, were influenced by concurrent existing relationships with other men.

Think a Venn Diagram.

But Only my very first Love T, did not experience that juggle act with me.

But before people crawl out of the wood work. Let it be known that I have always been honest.

Always, was honest when the men overlapped, was honest when they had to stop over lapping, and was even most honest when they could not overlap for social reasons.

*ps- Rebound, I am so sorry you came ALL the way for my birthday and I could not see you. ( You get a slot in my great loves roll call.

I am really really excited about this but I am nervous as well. Like I mean if you read my blog you have probably figured out the loves by now.

BUT it is still an emotionally tasking thing to do. It is like looking for something in a bag of clothes you have kept away for so long and you just do not know what you will find.

And it is scary because- What if I find something I had planned to give out and decide to keep for myself?

Especially when I know I can not keep anything I have kept in the bag to give out.

Because Happily Married.

Because all you have is your word and when you say you are going to give out something. You keep your word and if it out.

Pss- I really am talking about clothes. and men.

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