Monday, July 11, 2016

Yet another update

If I said my life was anything but uneventful, I would be telling lies that would make the devil proud.

These last few days have been something else.

Now Eros turned 30 and we did NOTHING.

No rice, no cake no "minerals". I swear the Yoruba girl in me died a little.

But on the upside it was the extension of the three day middle of the week public holiday. You have to love Nigeria.

I mean. Best really.

I slept, went to the gym, washed my hair did wedding planning.

OMG my waking hours are occupied with wedding planning details.

But on the upside my sister won a wedding dress yesterday!

My Mother is like " You won a FREE dress?, Like you do not have to pay?"

She does not believe. "If it is truly free, you have to buy accessories from her!" she said.

And she wants us to mention the bridal house in the wedding program. To say she is excited is not a joke.

This means our budget is actually getting feasible.

Helping my sister plan this wedding is teaching me many things.

One of which- Is that people will negotiate with you. and they would be willing to enter your budget- If you are honest.

In other words- Non packaging helps.

I know it sounds counter intuitive but it has been working for me.

Also try to get prices before you throw the W word around. The W word is wedding.

people just like to add costs for no reason.

Anyways that is all for wedding talk.

I am looking for someone who has adobe illustrator. if you have and you know how to use it let me know.

I am doing Okay these days.

I am undecided between going to to America in two weeks.

For some reason I am reluctant to go- I have no idea why.

And we all know I love to travel.

My mum has been falling ill lately, which is very unlike her.

I asked her, she said its the money she is spending on the wedding making her sick.

And you know what- I totally understood it. Totally. ha!


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