Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday evenings

I've been home all day drifting in and out of sleep, tweeting, watching the season finale of season 6 GOT ( even though I haven't watched  season 2,3,4 or 5). - Peer pressure or nah?

Anyways. I feel like I need to let you people know something.

Eros Loves to argue.

I am sat here. writing this post and watching him argue. with his younger brother.
Guess what they are arguing about?

Whose University has a better digital library.

I am serious.
This man should have been a lawyer.
The sheer joy and happiness he must derive from arguing must be bottled and sold.
He is so passionate about this particular argument.

I have rolled my eyes so many times. and occasionally they both turn to me and ask me a question to back up their arguments.

*insert eye roll here*

I am learning that you have to support your husband.even googling facts to support his argument. especially when you know the argument is stewwwwwpid.

I mean Eros just stated that Davido is number 2 in the Nigerian music market and he graduated from Babcock.

You guys I quipped in and mentioned he studied music. No one believed the fact ( including the Eros that I was supporting)- so I had to google the graduation article. and read it out loud.

*insert silence*

anyways I am now inside the argument. and my brother in law is sweating an arguing with me.
Eros just stepped back in.

Argument has ended.

With the classic words " You are mad, Get out"

Marriage is definitely interesting.

I need to get back to go working on the weekend.

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