Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Along with becoming kinder and seeing the world, I wanted to become more generous this year,
with my time, my money, my skill set.

You know that sort of thing. and I might have asked God to show me ways to become more generous and then promptly forgotten because Life comes at you quick.

Anyways a beautiful opportunity arose for me to be generous with my time and specialised haggling skill set- I have to assist my sister in planning her wedding.

I know I know. It is the most time consuming thing. And my mother is not budging on that budget ( and I respect her)

But planning someone else's wedding for free is mentally tasking but I am grateful because I have only one sister and if I am willing to help friends all the time why can't I do the same for my sister.

With Money.
I find that I want to give more. Oppotunities arise and I do not want to give to them.
Example: Someone is in prison and everyone is rallying around to raise money for lawyers. Personally I think if you are guilty, you should stay in prison, and I know this person is guilty so I even steer away from the topic when the issue comes up.
But last week someone close to me said she needed some money for lawyers. It was such a small sum but I did not have it last week. So I fashied.
But this morning I asked God to give me opportunities to be generous as he is so generous with me.
Person called me to ask for the money.

And I was torn between giving cheerfully and just giving because an opportunity arose.
I was not cheerful about it. But I gave. I do not know if I feel better/happier but I will win this generousity battle by hook or crook.

I really want to live a minimalist life style so one of things I did was give a good number of my stuff away( Because I wasn't really wearing them anyways)

But there are somethings I hold on to, that I should stop holding on to.
Like my skin care ( I have battled with acne for so long that I cant just let go of beauty products) Ha!

Second opportunity came today to give and I also struggled with it. I am on a N1000 a day budget aka the minimum wage and in order to save cost on fuel Eros drops me off at work and I use public transport home.
It is actually pretty decent. Anyways, I found a keke customer that takes me from obalende to a 5 minute walk from my house , total cost home N200. by 5 days a week N1000.

and it's not hot because lagos has been breezy. Anyway I keke driver had an issue with a mirror ( he broke a passengers mirror) and I just dropped and left. I got home gisted Eros but drove to work the next day because I was really traumatized about the whole thing.

Anyway today back on my keke grind, I see my customer and his keke is empty. I ask him to charter the keke ( I wonder why, I'm usually okay with waiting) anyway so we head out minimal traffic and something in my mind just kept saying pay him N1000.

I had already negotiated to pay N550. ( which is a really good deal). Anyways I was like nope. Cant click I have to do and I think of all the things I have to do with money.
But then I remember I want opportunities to be generous , he drops me, and I give him the money and I walk home.

Slightly confused because I do not know if this is how it works. I really want to be generous and I think a good way to start is by giving especially when I do not feel like giving.

Eros says I am grossly dishonest about money. So I am trying to do better.
My mother says I am shrewd with money.
My sister says I always have money.

I tell them that the only reason I have money is because I do not buy everything I see on the way to where I am going?!!!!

No one believes me with all the stuff I own sha.

Second- I have had such good fortune negotiating with vendors for my sisters wedding.
Third- I think a lot of you are mad for spending so much money on none factors for a day that would come and go so quickly. LIKE!

Haba. when I see some vendors quotes, I'm like buh bye.  Real quick I called a band, and he said N1m.
that is one million Nigerian Naira's for music band.

I said bye.
The venue gan was not N1m. so what are we really saying?

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