Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Update and Goals

June is usually the month of reflection for me so yah.

However I haven't written in a while because - I have been so uphappy. well not unhappy.

But grossly dissatisfied. with everything.

Except my darling Eros ( sometimes)

But for real,

I was in cape town for a week and it was so beautiful. *sigh*

further reminded me how much I want to be a travel agent/ make a career in something that brings me so much joy.

I am currently contemplating making a list of things I need to shed to be able to live this life.

Then making another one about convincing my husband HOW, this life would make so much sense if we just got up and moved. ( I mean we have no kids, plus we can always come back)

Anyways It's all in my head.

And another thing I want to do this year is self publish a book of short stories.

But I promise to properly write them with capitalizations in the appropriate places as well as  punctuations where they should be with minimal typos.

And I already know what I am going to name my book.

And I know what I am going to base it on ( this blog- DUH)

Will you guys buy tho?

That way I can make more money in Foreign exchange and be happily happy? So I make you cackle and you pay me for the jokes I crack.

Ps- I am going to open a small (very small) side hustle of travel sort out within budgets for my close friends and family.

with a flat rate that ranges between 30-50k.

I do not know if I mentioned it but Cape town was amazing ( snapchat has all the good stuff), instagram is getting throwbacks weekly, while twitter got some action ( Like when my para gliding pilot was trying to hit on me, but I was not too sure).

Anyways It was amazing- I was so sad to leave and also Imma need FRSC to put some respeck on my name because it takes a lot of courage to drive on the right side of the road when your country's roads are left hand roads and basically lawless driving.

Shout out to my hotel in Cape town- Pepper club, Hotel and spa. unfortunatley we were too busy to try out the spa, but maybe next time.

Travel tip: Let the hotel/ booking website or whatever payment method charge you in Naira. because globally the market rate is maybe N200 max, while the parallel rate is 360 to a dollar.

Ps; I swear by Agoda.
One three occassions, they have come through for me.

When I was in Italy and was moving to spain but didnt have a hotel booking.
When Eros was off to DXB, very last minute and he ( me really) had to make the hotel booking.
When Stanbic Refused to allow my first choice hotel charge my naira card, Agoda, was so kind to split the charge over two days.


So I swear by them.

Let me tell you guys about Stanbic IBTC.

Gt bank had been badly behaved, I got some money and the froze my account because of the amount. (EFCC tinz).

Anyway so I got the account unblocked BUT they hot listed my ATM card.

I just  went to open a stanbic account.

But Stanbic has been so wretched.

My card works when it wants. Sometimes my pin ( which is correct); doesn't work. Like I have to enter it repeatedly (4 times).

Other times they debit me but the transaction declines.

8 is the different number of incidents I had to deal with and send them DM's to try to resolve the issue.

Turns out it takes 45 working days for international disputes to be resolved on stanbic.

If you want my advice: Leave Nigerian cards alone when you are going overseas.

For real.

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