Friday, October 29, 2010

101st ( is that even correct?) blog post :)

My Birthday is on tuesday. This is Friday. And I'm still not excited. Now to make matters worse I didn't even "Release my Birthday gift wishlist". Since Uloh just reminded me. Here is my Wish list.

1. Chance By Chanel. 100ml. EDP.

2. 1 million Paco Raban. 100ml (MALE) that female one is a hot mess for a fragrance.

3. The Number of a reliable good "affordable" tailor. In Lagos state.

4. A cook book.

5. 3 Paulo Cohelo books.

6. Ankara?

( I'm running out of items :( )
7. Iman Powder. Earth dark?

I have run out of things I want for my birthday. Truth be told. I really don't want anything. I'm not even buying myself a cake. Lol.

I'm getting myself what I really want. And yes its on that list. That means there is one item on that list that I do not have and I'm getting for myself. Everything else. I already have at least 2 of. Amusing huh?

I think gaining financial independence to be has been of the best birthday gifts I could have given my self this year.

Maybe that is why I am reluctant to create a birthday wishlist. It could also be that I don't want to take anything from anyone. I've been a taker for too damn long.

*do not Read Taker as Gold digger.

But I am the type of person that people feel the need to give things to. Don't ask me why tho. I have no idea.

So yeah I have fulfilled all righteousness and created a birthday wishlist. Hope fully everyone can sleep in peace now.

A very unexcited.

PuSsy Kat.x

Ps. Ok ok ok I know I'm not a taker but that toy watch in my profile picture. *sigh*

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

12:21 am. palindrome anyone?

i should be studying, for an exam i have in about 30days. but no i havent even opened my books.

so if anyone knew me back in qc or Uni, they'd know i had pimples. not the kind that jessica alba used to advertise all them clean and clear o. proper big boy pimples that lasted an average of 2 weeks, had 2 mouths and bled like a period cycle.

so yea i had really nasty pimples. growing older i was able 2 associate these nasty pimples with my menstrual cycle and know what 2 eat, how often 2 wash my face and all that.

and just as i was getting tired of living this life. POW!
allong came Natural Saturdays.

now just so u know i had tried everything on my face, EVERY SINGLE THING, EVERY SINGLE MOTHERFUCKING PRODUCT.

like just from me alone Neutrogena, clinque, Olay, clean and Clear. must have had thier stock prices sky rocket. dont forget, proactive and co. and thats just all the janded products, the caliber of local goods i had put on my face ehn. delta soap, POP( u ppl shudnt form like u dunno the pink POP cream)

in other words, i was tired of pimples, products and spending money i didnt even have.

so my friends said they had this thumb rule of not putting on thier bodies, what they cant eat( put in thier mouths)

and i too followed, because i was sick and tired of pimples. and guess what. it worked.

i was at my friends house with braids and when i lifted the braids, dude screamed and asked where all my pimples went. imagine?

yes thats how surprised every one is about my facial improvement.

i owe this all to the ladies of Natural saturdays.

and you know "e fit be you"
this testimony of super clear (i now wear only white powder) skin could be urs.

how? you ask?

well the Natural Saturday Ladies are in town!!! yay

*doing carlton dance*

i know, im excited too. well on the 31st of october, the ladies will be at the fusion Sales.
and would be offering, expert advice on Natural hair care and skin care too.

plus this works for everyone. ive got everyone around me on that Natural tip men.

im talking the whole Nine yards. from my Mother to my lover. and i have natural items stashed every where. i shall not be found wanting.

so what are you waiting for?

if you want clear beautiful skin like mine * turns face left and right live in the adverts* i advice you to get your own Natural products.

i wasnt asked to do this,
this is my 100th blog post and i wanted it 2 be special
whats more special than the product that cleared your pimples?
so Big ups to the Natural Saturday ladies, yall deserve it. and more.

Emails at 1am

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