Thursday, January 31, 2013

Read all about it

You've got the words to change a nation
but you're biting your tongue
You've spent a life time stuck in silence
afraid you'll say something wrong
If no one ever hears it how we gonna learn your song?

If the truth has been forbidden 
then we're breaking all the rules
there's no need to be afraid
i will sing with you my friend

So put it in all of the papers, I'm not afraid
They can read all about it.

Because sometimes, bad friends exist so you can see how amazing the good ones are.

Thank you. you know who.

Happy birthday Deji & Aisha!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Animal rights and other lefts

So I have come to a conclusion that White people generally have no problems so much so that they have to take on the problems of Animals- yes you heard me- ANIMALS.

Since I have arrived, I have had 3 incidents that have stood out in my mind which I will share with you.

In class- after lunch break ( which I spent scouring the aisles of super drug for lipsticks on sale). My class mate asks me how lunch was. I reply" I spent it shopping for make up".

And he asked me- I hope you bought only make up that has no animal testing.

ewo tun ni animal testing. I'm telling you I bought make up you are asking me about animal testing- Abeg dress far.

At the local food market with my Nigerian housemate trying to buy eggs. So the shop owner tells us- these are eggs from free range chickens not caged chickens.

I'm confused so I ask- what is the difference.

Apparently "studies" have shown that the chickens in cages are generally unhappy and lay eggs that are not as nutritious as the chickens allowed to roam around.

So I asked( In my mind obviously)- the free chickens are they  not fenced in? abi are they roaming the streets of Scotland laying eggs? - Abeg shift.

My Nigerian house mate is gisting me:
I'm cooking chicken in my kitchen when my Indian housemate walks in and starts telling me about the day she looked in the fridge and saw meat.

She was so scared.

Me: Why would raw meat scare you( I assumed it was because she was indian and they worship cows or something- Blame all the indian movies I have watched for this ignorant assumption)

She: I am a vegetarian.

Me: Oh why?

She: I just thought about it and imagined people killing my own children to eat.

Both of us laugh

and I ask my Nigerian housemate: Is she a goat or cow that she is feeling bad that people are killing thier children

Housemate: wo Ore, iwo lo mo.

Clearly these people have little or no problems. Like I can understand the fur own- Okay that's a lie I cant understand it- But it is creepy to wear another animal's skin shaa- when you are not a cave man.

But this obsession with animal rights here is lowkey amusing.

ps: as usual, I did not proof read so all typos are mine. x

Monday, January 28, 2013

An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.

So I have this compulsory course where we have to do a group work. I hate working with people. When I was am auditor- I hated working with people because you know people always do the most.

Anyways fastforward to today- I have to get a group and pick a topic fast- But i was just not in the mood abeg- so while people were fratanizing I just left because I am some how person.

I do not like people much and being pretentious isnt one of my strong suits.

However I will have to put myself out there and mix and mingle etc etc etc.

Anyway I find that the more I do not do this( mingle/ make friends) the  more I am kept out of the loop of what is happening.

In one of the devotionals I read today had something about Job. It said that basically when Job's friends came and misyarned- He was not pleased with them. He was so upset that when they left- HE PRAYED FOR THEM.

And it was at this point that God started to restore all that he lost.

What am I saying? You should be like me and pray for your evil friends.

But you shouldnt be like me and not mingle. You should mingle. and smile and shake people and etc etc.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Best Man and Curry Gizzard

This weekend after my exams, I threw my books under the bed and settled in to watch a movie.

I chose the 1999 classic/ blue print of all African american movies.


Yup, unfortunately a lot of us have seen it, but its such a good movie and all that jazz.

I saw this in maybe Jss1 or Jss2 so I really did not understand why Lance was mad that his best friend and man slept with his wife to be- abi they are friends.

Fastforward to 2013( the year of sexual enlightenment and all that jazz) I find that this is unacceptable.

Anyways here are the Vows( Which are so beautiful) and the speech Taye Diggs gave at the reception.

So fucking beautiful- I tell you.

These are the vows from the movie:
"My friend, my love, my hero.  Loving you is my heart's joy.  It teaches me to be faithful to my personal truths.  As I stand beside you this day, I offer you the very heart of me, filled with sacred love. pure, unconditional and everlasting.  For love bears all things, endures all things and believes all things.  Love never fails..and I do love you, mind body and soul."
"My darling, my love.  As I stand here beside you this day...know that there is nothing greater than love.  For god is love and having faith in you and believing our love...makes life worth living.  And as I stare, as I stare upon your angelic face..I am made whole today ..a man with higher purpose.... for on this virtue is a man's greatest glory.  From this day forward we should love one another as God loves us."

Dear future husband please feel free to LIFT this shit word for word okay? I won't be mad I swear- Just read it off an iPad and I think we are good to go.

Next the best man speech- I really liked this because you was basically begging his girlfriend, subbing Nia long and at the same damn time making a toast that reflected the situation at hand.  LOVE IT!

Best Man Speech
"I have learned from them what it means to be truly committed to another person.  I've learned the importance of ceasing the moment.  Because you can't go back.  You can never go back.  You have to live for today.  Not for what was or what what could have been.  And what will one can say.  But just have to step out on faith and believe that what you have built together is worth preserving.  Because when you are made for each other as much as these two's definitely definitely worth preserving.  So to the bride and groom"  May god bless this union.

After that V asked/invited me to a flat party. I declined. I just don't feel like partying yet. I feel like I am this point where I am kind of done with partying- You know? Like Life is good, but it gets better than that.

On saturday the worst thing happened to me- I went to the bank and it was closed so I decided to look around the shops on the high street.

Walked into this shop found a perfect pair of size Nine boots on sale *squeal* they were £75 and had come down to £10. I didn't have cash but I was so optimistic that I walked to the counter and asked IF I could use my card to pay.

Turns out I could. So I whipped out my Fidelity bank Visa Card aaannnnddddd Everything pretty much went down hill from there.

I bought a new coat, jewelry, clothes random house, spring rolls.

I basically turned myself into a debit card ninja- Slotting in my card and paying for everything and anything.

Only good thing that came out of all that is that I probably have michelle Obama arms by now with all the stuff I had to carry back to my flat.

Did Laundry, cleaned the kitchen, washed my bathroom, hand swept my room floor because the vacuum cleaner in my apartment is really shit- if anyone knows where I can find a proper Nigerian room in Scotland- Please "alla atchur gurl".

Today I went to church- AMEN SOMEBODY!

I was the only black person there and it was such a different service from all the casting and binding and witches and wizards services I am so used to. The pastor preached about the all encompassing nature of God, how different doctrines try to fit him into a box as small as thier minds can understand and no more.

Basically Baba God is bigger than all of you the mind can comprehend. It was a good service.

After church I did some more random shopping- even though I shouldn't have- I'm probably going to have to cut up my card at this rate. :(

So I came home and decided to cook something fancy.

I cooked curry gizzard, coconut rice with prawns and dodo.

Not having a maid help you chop up all your condiments before you start cooking is stressful yo!

I literally had to clean the gizzard, chop the onions, garlic, pepper, tomatoes etc etc. pluck the coriander leaves ( which I had no idea what they were until today- But they gave my gizzard curry a very distinct taste I am still trying to place)

Then start cooking- finish it, move to the rice- finish that and start frying the plantain- Thankfully my housemate came to help me.

In the end success.

However the food will most likely go to waste because- I had zero appetite after all that cooking and standing on my feet and washing up and all that.

But My house mate kept saying she can't believe I am so adventurous- cooking food with just an online recipe.

Risk takers lomo.

AND in all of this immersion of my hands in water, laundry yesterday, plate washing, cooking, bathroom washing my nail polish is yet to chip.


I do not know IF it is the brand- If yes- ORLY for president.

If its the water- No wonder I still feel dirty and I have to rescrub myself at least twice till I can feel clean, which might be what is making my skin lighter- I will come to that much later.

Classes start tomorrow- I liked the weekend- Chilled, lazy with a lot of productivity( I was able to buy a book :))

And I am going to start taking piano lessons.

Between the Gym, school work and piano lessons, I hope I find time to see the world or at least part of it in scotland- my friend Asake said I should kuku go and study to be a scientist since that is what I am trying to do!

I wish all of you a fruitful week ahead, lots of happiness and smiles all round etc etc etc

( You can see I am in a very good mood tonight)


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I am not here, I did not die

This morning my friend sent me a direct message as reply to a question I asked her late last night.

Her response was " Thanks dear, He is dead"

I woke up to that message and started shaking literally.

I frantically SOS'd my Lover and he called me

I started crying. I have been under a lot of strain emotionally these last weeks

But this broke me. He told me to calm down and pray for her. Her mother and Family.

And as I walked to my exam hall, I said more than a prayer for her and her family,

I blessed God, because he is the one who gives life and he is the one who takes it.

Truly we are nothing but pencil in the hand of the creator.

Because I can not be there with my friend, or send her flowers or hug her and stroke her hair and tell her it will be okay, because it WILL be.

I will pray for her. repeatedly- That she finds peace in this time, Wisdom to handle what lies ahead and strength and grace for her to be strong for her family.

I will pray that she stops crying, that even though they say time heals all wounds the balm of Gilead will take away her pain.

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,

I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush

I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight
I am the soft stars that shine at night. 
Do not stand at my grave and cry, 
I am not there; I did not die. 

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
RIP Daddy King.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Will you still love me tomorrow?

This song, I saw it on Rust geeks blog.

And I thought, why is she singing about the story of my life?

Well a good portion of how I feel( right now) is in this song.

"So tell me now 'cause I wont ask again, will you still love me tomorrow?"

Monday, January 21, 2013

On love Marriage and happy things

When I was still employed, my firm had an event at oriental hotel in Lekki.

Because I was unassigned, I was asked to come and be a welcome girl- I was like urgh

But my manager and senior manager said I should go, so I did.

Anyway at the event one of the Directors at the firm- Lets call him R ended up sitting beside me and we ended up having a nice conversation about everything.

and like a moth drawn to flame, He asked me when I was getting married.

I said Oh I do not know there is so much I want to do, I do not want to get married and not be able to live my life.

He said " that only happens because women marry the wrong men who do not support their dreams"

He then went on to tell me about how when he got home last night his kids were awake, so he decided to bath them and then put them to bed.

Where was your wife? I asked. His reply both amused me and gave me hope.

He said she was in the room, reading a book.

So I'm thinking after working those horrible hours at the firm you go home to bath your kids while your wife is awake and reading a book?

And I asked him- She let you bath the kids while she was awake, why hadn't she even bath them before you came home?

His reply stunned me: She was tired and needed to rest. I never get to see the kids, so I was thankful for the opportunity to bath them and play with them.

Me: But after this long day at work were you not tired?

Him: Yes, But my wife does it all the time and she never complains for her to have said she was tired, she deserves a break.

I just filed away that conversation thinking well thats nice.

Fast forward to this year I was at my uncle's place in Londres before I came to scotland and his wife is renovating a house she bought, because she is the general contractor/suppliers provider/ general overseer, she does so much running around, its unimaginable. And I know because I stupidly agreeded to follow her around one day ( I was so tired mid day I feel asleep on the floor)

Anyways I can only imagine how tired she must have been because we came home like at 9pm and her hsuband was sitting there waiting for her to make his dinner.

My aunty just went straight to bed.

My Uncle whinned and complained and made such a huge fuss about it and kept saying how her 1st job is her family and every other thing is secondary.

I was like- Pause. This woman has been on her feet all day. you came home by six and every night she makes food for you- This one night why did you not pity her and make food for her.

He said- It is not his responsibility to make food for his wife.

My Director has been married for maybe 5 years to a Doctor. and My Uncle who is an oncologist is married to a business woman and has been for over 20 years.Their views are so different, but if there is anything I can take away from it is this- your relationship or marriage can be how you want it to be. It depends on the two parties involved and how they want to handle their business.

Now in the last 24 hours I have been happy. Why- I have started working out.

And It just occurred to me that a great deal of my happiness is directly related to how I feel about what my body looks like.

So Gym runs and healthier eating for me.

No resolutions to watch my weight or whatever- I just want a tighter mid riff and to be physically fit. During todays Zumba class I almost passed out. twice. I was literally seeing stars. One Indian girl was so kind to lend me her bottle to get water from the dispenser.

Huge respect to the dancers- So much energy.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Daddy and the one eyed doll

So It turns out after my Caribbean friend was my second house mate. another one moved in and SURPRISE she was Nigerian!

And she is a decent one. We all know how rare it is to find decent Nigerians- She did not seem shocked that I go to the gym, neither was she surprised that the course I'm doing is mainly a male dominated field.

She also gave me a lot of insight to the person my father is.

I have said this but probably not enough, I do not have any male influence in my life so I'm pretty much tabular raza when it comes to men and dealing with them. My ability to navigate them is due to the fact that I am selfish and I put my own interests before any male specimen irrespective of the cost to the men.

So When I mentioned my fathers name to her- I saw that flicker of unbelief, as though she saw a resemblance BUT its kind of hard to logically reconcile the two.

Prior to this my friend Asake had told me that my father had the airs of an eccentric professor, painfully intelligent but unable to get his person affairs in order- Which is not far from the truth.

Anyways when I assured her that Yes, that was my father, she said the strangest thing to me- she said you must be so intelligent.

While most of my family ( which are really my mothers people) have portrayed my father as a strange person, wicked, beastly * insert all the adjectives you'd use to describe a man who left your daughter with three children and vanished into thin air* No one, NOT one person had ever said he was intelligent.

I was so shocked, she said he is one of the few people who taught her and seemed to have an understanding of what he was teaching. He was that lecturer who people did not like but strangely he was fair.

How was he fair- I asked. He gave 10 to 20 short quizzes and then a mid semester and then an exam and either picked the average or your highest ones, if you were serious you would have been able to pass.

He used to pull our ears and we were in 400 level imagine how upsetting it was  she gushed on.

She looked so animated. And in that singular moment- I was thankful for the fact that I had a Nigerian Housemate.

For a neutral account of the kind of person my father was as a teacher ( no he isn't late, he just doesn't teach anymore and I have no idea what he does) let me in to the kind of person he " might" have been as a father.

But I have three distinct memories of him
.1- which is because it occurred so frequently as him whipping us ( my siblings and I with a woven skipping rope for screaming " UP Nepa" when  Nepa finally agreed to give us light.

2. This even occurred more frequently - Him fighting with my mother, non stop. He would fight and fight and fight and threaten to throw her out and throw down her boxes and then people ( our neighbors) would come and settle them. and they would go back to bed and wake up tomorrow like nothing happened- talk about two forgivers living together.

3. Him helping me write a short story- I do not remember what it was about or why I had to write it or whatever all I remember from it is this word " the one eyed doll" and this word has stayed with me all these years while my inability to recollect the story haunts me.

Was he a good father- No.

Was it nice to hear about him from someone who had no vested interests in how her version of events to affect me- Yes.

Another upside to this my new house mate is this- She loves to cook and clean. I Love it and she has all these little tips on managing a kitchen. It is also nice to have a conversation with some one who can share your sentiments and doesn't have a problem understanding the basis of your story. For instance tonight she was telling me about the paki guy in the food shop who saw her and said " my customer". It was so funny because V ( The T & T girl- that's what I shall refer to her as going forward in all my posts) did not quite get why I chuckled at that.

I look forward to this year, and while I am still averse to amassing Nigerian friends am I very pleased and thankful for the sense of familiarity having her around provides.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Class mates & House mates

Before I delve into this, let me tell you what my Nigerian friend with a common focus told me.

He said & I quote:  He is not happy with what I said because he is not a distractor and can never be. But he will still take it. There are two sides to every coin.

Now maybe because my Yoruba is not sound I'm not really sure what was going on there- but I will take my small victories and move on.

Ps: Everyone I told/ showed the text messages to, said it pretty much serves me right for mingling with Nigerians.

Now that hopefully that is over now. Let me tell you what happened to me today.

So I was in class- Getting my groove on when this absolutely beautiful girl with an accent ( and when I say accent here think bad girl riri type accent) was sitting behind me so we got into a conversation and yada yada yada because the class was 3 hrs we pretty much had lots to talk about  and she ended up telling me about how she is having insomnia because she is trying to quit smoking.

So it turns out this girl is from Trinidad and Tobago which SURPRISE is an Island and not an EU state. ( Thank you Mr Gboyega for teaching me rubbish geography)

Turns out she has this one Nigerian friend who she kept telling me about some very good looking boy, who is Nigerian and can not eat is Step mothers food because he is an only son ( You know, that Afmag drill of two wives)

And she keeps asking about Mr Nigeria and mentions his last name- Turns out his father is former secretary to the government of the federation and an ambassador, (I just figured this out now after googling said name)

And she went on to show me the boys picture- All the while in my head I was just thinking of how my " Nigerian brother" had introduced this oyibo to the black mamba.

So After class I just ask her where do you stay- Turns out she lives in my building- Excitedly I reply " Me too"

So she asks- What flat and she says- No way brings out her key and she is my flat mate.

Now today makes it a week and somedays since I moved in here and I had not seen any of my flat mates.

( Although I ran into one this morning in the kitchen)

So here I am with a housemate, and a class mate who is so totally cool, and what not.

My next vacay is looking like the Caribbean yalllll!

As you can tell I am very excited about this whole development- Thank you Universe.

Ps: She is such a beautiful little thing! :)

Yay to making new friends!

* does a little jig*

Speaking of new friends, I have this boy in my class ( who is also non Nigerian- Obviously) I will tell you about him later.

Anyways what is up with Tesco selling Horse meat????

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nigerians in diaspora

Now I love my country.

However, I hate the people called Nigerians.
- How can you Love Nigeria and hate Nigerians you ask?

Let me tell you something.

I Live in Nigeria and I cant stand Nigerians there, and there are no alternatives, now tell me why I will come to Scotland AND make more Nigerian friends?

Does that make any sense? Where there are alternatives?

Brazilians, arabs, Lebanese, etc etc etc.

But noooo Nigerians here want to stick together like sticky white chinese rice. Abeg count me out.

With all the friends I have in lagos, I did not pay 20K GBP to come and make more Nigerian friends abeg.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let me tell you the mistake I made.

Over the weekend, I was telling  my cousin how I was coming here and had no plans of miningling with Nigerians and he said that is so racist and I should give Nigerians a chance.

1st thing that put me off was the caliber of Nigerians I met here- The college organized a meet and greet with the older students and all them awon americans were talking about how there is so much to do here, and its such a nice city and they usually take hikes and yada yada yada. How while you can face your studies you can also meet peole from different back grounds and then make friends and take up extra curricular activities.

So you know I was excited, only for a Nigerian to take the stand, and what did he say" When you come have confidence in yourself, it is not by who is talking in class, one of my friends came late and passed the induction with all A's- ( mind you the induction isn't added to your grade). And so he went on and on and on about the academics are really important- as if you know everyone else came to UK to have fun throwing all sorts of shade at the Americans.

Another American was up next and he spoke about how there is this practical group and it hones your entrepreneurship skills etc etc.

Then another Nigerian came and this is what he said" I am the one who came late and made all A's.

literally how is that supposed to help the bunch of different nationalities who they asked you to come and speak to?
After this so insipring speech, he then proceeded to share his number with some Nigerians and they decided to fix a meeting for sunday .
Nigerians always do the most- why are you fixing a meeting? WHY? Do you not a family that has family meetings back home in Nigeria? Or is that the problem? You are so home sick that you need to host a meeting of only Nigerians.

Needless to say, I did not give anyone my number/ email/ attend any dirty meeting.

I was disappointed but not surprised.

At this point I decided to steer clear of Nigerians.

Only for me today to come late to class after a 2 hr break I spent window shopping at the mall and found a seat near a Nigerian so I sat there and was listening to the lecture.

Now i do not have an economics back ground or a law background so I make extra effort to read up on these topics before the class because the lecturer really just breezes through and says I am refering you to the text which you should get from the library.

Only for my Nigerian brother to say" You have to put me through because it seems like you know it"

Excuse me- Me that in my mind I have been plotting how to get awon brazilians and co in my imaginary study group, this one is looking for lesson teacher.

I said- I do not have an economics back ground but I can refer you to the book I am using to study currently.

Thats how the matter ended o. Only for this my Nigerian brother to proceed to copy all my class exercise answers during the class- and I'm like shebi if you don't know you will listen to your teacher and follow instead you are pinging and copying.

Then he attempted to invite me to his redeemed church. I said I do not go to that church. I am an anglican, he said ehn there are Nigerians there- EXCUSE ME- I WANT TO ATTEND A SERVICE WHERE THEY STICK TO TIME. ( No offence but Nigerian churches are notorious for being sooo long)
that one sha passed.

Only for class to end, he said " ah please give me your # so that you can refer me to the text. I mistakenly gave him my number, and the next thing he text me saying he will like to talk to me later so I can call him when I am less busy.

So I asked him, what do you want to talk to me about see me here, talk to me. he said its private.

Thats how me I was wondering if he needed financial help and how much I would be able to offer him and all that.

Only for him to call me and say literally, word for word, this is what he said- I would like to be your close friend.
Me: But I am not looking for any close friends. I have a boyfriend and I am getting married soon
Him: But you are not yet married. so please keep an open mind, I want us to have a common mind about the  focus of this friend ship.
Me: What friendship. I DO NOT EVEN KNOW YOU!!!!!

Him: I know we will start from somewhere but I dont want us to be ordinary course mates.
I just told him I was busy and that I will see him tomorrow and he said please when you get to class save a seat for me.

This is the BS he called me to talk about.
Generally it is bullshit like this that makes me hate Yoruba boys.

I can not  understand how you see me but you are so lily livered that you can not toast me if that is what you want. Instead you text me and call me. to ask us to have a common focus of being special close friends.

What is wrong with Yoruba boys?

I do not want to start of this year being rude to Nigerians but we need to do better.

I know these are small incidents but in a class of 7 people with 5 Nigerians and we are only 2 women is it not advisable to steer clear of Nigerians?

So can you understand when I say I hate them. It is because of shit like this.

I am so offended but at the same time relieved that I don't have to borrow anyone money.

Still so disgusted. I mean I am trying to be a better more polite person but people in the world ( Nigerians) keep testing me and pulling me back.

I will not be rude, I will not resort to an attitude to put mr common focus in his place- I will simply call hom aside tomorrow and tell him that I prayed about this and God has told me that the boyfriend in Nigeria is the one for me, and that I would not want to truncate my destiny by mingling. In the same breath I will also tell him that I spoke to my pastor about it and he ( my pastor) told me that the devil will try to derail me from my destiny.

Since he is Nigerian and Yoruba that should put him in check. Hopefully.

On another hand- ITS NOT SNOWING HERE!!!! WHOOPPP!

everyone keeps saying Oh there is 4 inch snow in scotland well not in Dundee! It was quite warm today the sun even came out ( which is really just screen saver because it was still cold as fuck)

At the mall this afternoon, I decided to thread my brows and get them tinted- Cost me 10 pounds but I was quite pleased with the result.

For one the threading didn't hurt as much as I expected it to. I have heard only horrible things about the process.

However because I do not have that much eye brow hair- I will still have to draw it on! But I dont mind I also like the natural shape of my eye brows or whatever the woman called it, Its nice.

All that is left now is for me to either A. Buy nail polish to do my nails or B. find a saloon where I can do this shellac.

So what has been up with you people?

I know I am going to be blogging ALOT this year- so much to share and no one to call and gist with my free landline! * sigh*

Friday, January 11, 2013

Supply and demand

Today is much better day than yesterday.

I had a windfall literally. I had been trying to do something since I got to the UK and in like 5 mins I was ale to sort it out. Like that * snaps fingers*

It was amazing.

Also I feel much better, I do not miss home as much neither am I home sick.

I had a very interesting day in class today- Contract law, I like that you can interpret law as you like.

Also, the lecturer was funny. and God knows I needed laughs.

It was not as cold as it usually is- Thank you Jesus. So Im just here trying to find a saloon to do my nails and tint my brows tomorrow.

Today was a good day- I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Ps: I am the undisputed queen of awoof- All I did today was grab free biros and pencils at every single stand.

I do not care- I didn't come here to buy biros.

and make more Nigerian friends.

Does that sound mean? I am here to mingle. and meet new people and experience new cultures and hopefully perfect the art of writing research papers.

Also I have decided to delete my twitter- after only a month- I just realise it really is not for me.

But I will give myself a week. I am currently drawing up my reading time table. I am excited about the prospects of being a student again- Although its so daunting since I have zero knowledge of what I am doing, I am excited about learning, and I appreciate the learning/ teaching methods in this academic system.

Talk about thinking outside the box!

I am very excited obviously. Also I decided I will djay during my stay here. Only Nigerian music sha, I have decided to mingle and meet people and it seems like a good way- Forget that it is something I have never done before, or that a bulk of those in the club are white.

I think the world should have a good appreciation of Nigerian music. all types.

I actually do not like beyonce, before I didn't mind her but it really feels like she is trying her hardest to steal sister Solange's shine.

Poor girl is going on tour Queen B feels it is the best time to you know- leak her half naked ( rather tacky and obviously photoshopped) GQ cover. And Bey stans Imma let yall finish BUT rihanna's GQ cover was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than that trash your supposed Queen put out.

I mean- She could have done better.

And I think beyonce understands that " market don fall press am" so she runs back to DC3. every 5 years they will release final album and then come back again.

In other music news.... My boy Justin is releasing new music! Hellloooooooooooooooo!

I am so excited for Justin and Timberland their musical chemistry is the kind of chemistry that people should use as prayer point for chemistry in their marriages, you know! so seamless and exciting!

Anyways I wish Solangel ( yes I know Sol- Angel) the best on her upcoming concerts!

Ps: maxwell is coming to Nigeria!

So many things to be thankful for. ALTHOUGH I am wondering why all these people ( celebrities) keep flocking to Nigeria in such a short period of time too.

Can't help but wonder ( ps: these celebrities do not include those that made/ hosted/ performed at the mistake that was koko concert)

I'm speaking of better people.

As I said, I am settling in well, I quite like it here. Asides the weather ( which I gather should be worse) I am thankful for where I am today. :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013


So I have settled in fine.

Luckily for me, my rent is bills inclusive so I am running my heater 24/7 I do not caree.

My laptop is up and running. with the Microsoft office thingy! Thank you Lekan.

I am totally technologically inept so you can imagine the struggle to get it working.

I do not understand how these people here can be fat- see ehn. They walk every where.

And by everywhere, I mean everywhere. My GOD. struggle life.

I have lost enough weight JUST by walking in the cold, I doubt I would ever get used to it.

I am finding it hard to make friends- as I suspected. I still have only one friend a lawyer who is Nigerian and I met on the plane to scotland.

While we aren't " friends friends" like that- she reminds me of home/work a lot. in that she speaks only yoruba to me. and the strange part is that I understand a lot of it. we actually have conversations where she is speaking only Yoruba and I am replying her in english.

She is yet to ask me why I have not replied her in Yoruba,  but continues to speak it to me.

People like her make the world go round.

I miss home- This goes without saying. I wish I took some more time off from work before coming here.

I am as unsettled as I was last January. And I have exams in two weeks.

I am just like- Yah!

I miss the Lover so fucking much. It is ridiculous. and its the tiniest things that make me miss him. especially during this microsoft struggle- I would have just gone to dump the laptop at his place and not even care what ever happens.

Because he would have gotten it done.

Or when I went to buy a new hat and had no one to make the choice with.

I think a part of me- A huge part of me, the person I am, or have become in the last couple of years is heavily influenced by my relationship with him, so leaving for a year is harder than I thought it would be..

My friend suggested sneaking into the country to visit him.

I do not think I miss him that much. YET.

I miss my weekly yoga classes, and I miss the fact that the reminder goes off every week.

I need to get a job, I also need to find a saloon to tint my brows and do my nails.

Im rambling. Although school just started- I think I need a break.

LOL I actually just need some heat. The weather is too fucking cold.

But I love the personal space and living alone and most importantly finding my things exactly where I left them.. For me, that alone makes all of it worth it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New year

Finally got my new laptop. it is so shiny!

anyways I now need the windows office so I can do some work on my laptop but I dont want to buy.

I feel like calling my saka tinubu guy to sort me out.

anyways if anyone has a microsoft office windows key, please please please hola at me.

Many thanks!


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