Thursday, January 10, 2013


So I have settled in fine.

Luckily for me, my rent is bills inclusive so I am running my heater 24/7 I do not caree.

My laptop is up and running. with the Microsoft office thingy! Thank you Lekan.

I am totally technologically inept so you can imagine the struggle to get it working.

I do not understand how these people here can be fat- see ehn. They walk every where.

And by everywhere, I mean everywhere. My GOD. struggle life.

I have lost enough weight JUST by walking in the cold, I doubt I would ever get used to it.

I am finding it hard to make friends- as I suspected. I still have only one friend a lawyer who is Nigerian and I met on the plane to scotland.

While we aren't " friends friends" like that- she reminds me of home/work a lot. in that she speaks only yoruba to me. and the strange part is that I understand a lot of it. we actually have conversations where she is speaking only Yoruba and I am replying her in english.

She is yet to ask me why I have not replied her in Yoruba,  but continues to speak it to me.

People like her make the world go round.

I miss home- This goes without saying. I wish I took some more time off from work before coming here.

I am as unsettled as I was last January. And I have exams in two weeks.

I am just like- Yah!

I miss the Lover so fucking much. It is ridiculous. and its the tiniest things that make me miss him. especially during this microsoft struggle- I would have just gone to dump the laptop at his place and not even care what ever happens.

Because he would have gotten it done.

Or when I went to buy a new hat and had no one to make the choice with.

I think a part of me- A huge part of me, the person I am, or have become in the last couple of years is heavily influenced by my relationship with him, so leaving for a year is harder than I thought it would be..

My friend suggested sneaking into the country to visit him.

I do not think I miss him that much. YET.

I miss my weekly yoga classes, and I miss the fact that the reminder goes off every week.

I need to get a job, I also need to find a saloon to tint my brows and do my nails.

Im rambling. Although school just started- I think I need a break.

LOL I actually just need some heat. The weather is too fucking cold.

But I love the personal space and living alone and most importantly finding my things exactly where I left them.. For me, that alone makes all of it worth it.

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