Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nigerians in diaspora

Now I love my country.

However, I hate the people called Nigerians.
- How can you Love Nigeria and hate Nigerians you ask?

Let me tell you something.

I Live in Nigeria and I cant stand Nigerians there, and there are no alternatives, now tell me why I will come to Scotland AND make more Nigerian friends?

Does that make any sense? Where there are alternatives?

Brazilians, arabs, Lebanese, etc etc etc.

But noooo Nigerians here want to stick together like sticky white chinese rice. Abeg count me out.

With all the friends I have in lagos, I did not pay 20K GBP to come and make more Nigerian friends abeg.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let me tell you the mistake I made.

Over the weekend, I was telling  my cousin how I was coming here and had no plans of miningling with Nigerians and he said that is so racist and I should give Nigerians a chance.

1st thing that put me off was the caliber of Nigerians I met here- The college organized a meet and greet with the older students and all them awon americans were talking about how there is so much to do here, and its such a nice city and they usually take hikes and yada yada yada. How while you can face your studies you can also meet peole from different back grounds and then make friends and take up extra curricular activities.

So you know I was excited, only for a Nigerian to take the stand, and what did he say" When you come have confidence in yourself, it is not by who is talking in class, one of my friends came late and passed the induction with all A's- ( mind you the induction isn't added to your grade). And so he went on and on and on about the academics are really important- as if you know everyone else came to UK to have fun throwing all sorts of shade at the Americans.

Another American was up next and he spoke about how there is this practical group and it hones your entrepreneurship skills etc etc.

Then another Nigerian came and this is what he said" I am the one who came late and made all A's.

literally how is that supposed to help the bunch of different nationalities who they asked you to come and speak to?
After this so insipring speech, he then proceeded to share his number with some Nigerians and they decided to fix a meeting for sunday .
Nigerians always do the most- why are you fixing a meeting? WHY? Do you not a family that has family meetings back home in Nigeria? Or is that the problem? You are so home sick that you need to host a meeting of only Nigerians.

Needless to say, I did not give anyone my number/ email/ attend any dirty meeting.

I was disappointed but not surprised.

At this point I decided to steer clear of Nigerians.

Only for me today to come late to class after a 2 hr break I spent window shopping at the mall and found a seat near a Nigerian so I sat there and was listening to the lecture.

Now i do not have an economics back ground or a law background so I make extra effort to read up on these topics before the class because the lecturer really just breezes through and says I am refering you to the text which you should get from the library.

Only for my Nigerian brother to say" You have to put me through because it seems like you know it"

Excuse me- Me that in my mind I have been plotting how to get awon brazilians and co in my imaginary study group, this one is looking for lesson teacher.

I said- I do not have an economics back ground but I can refer you to the book I am using to study currently.

Thats how the matter ended o. Only for this my Nigerian brother to proceed to copy all my class exercise answers during the class- and I'm like shebi if you don't know you will listen to your teacher and follow instead you are pinging and copying.

Then he attempted to invite me to his redeemed church. I said I do not go to that church. I am an anglican, he said ehn there are Nigerians there- EXCUSE ME- I WANT TO ATTEND A SERVICE WHERE THEY STICK TO TIME. ( No offence but Nigerian churches are notorious for being sooo long)
that one sha passed.

Only for class to end, he said " ah please give me your # so that you can refer me to the text. I mistakenly gave him my number, and the next thing he text me saying he will like to talk to me later so I can call him when I am less busy.

So I asked him, what do you want to talk to me about see me here, talk to me. he said its private.

Thats how me I was wondering if he needed financial help and how much I would be able to offer him and all that.

Only for him to call me and say literally, word for word, this is what he said- I would like to be your close friend.
Me: But I am not looking for any close friends. I have a boyfriend and I am getting married soon
Him: But you are not yet married. so please keep an open mind, I want us to have a common mind about the  focus of this friend ship.
Me: What friendship. I DO NOT EVEN KNOW YOU!!!!!

Him: I know we will start from somewhere but I dont want us to be ordinary course mates.
I just told him I was busy and that I will see him tomorrow and he said please when you get to class save a seat for me.

This is the BS he called me to talk about.
Generally it is bullshit like this that makes me hate Yoruba boys.

I can not  understand how you see me but you are so lily livered that you can not toast me if that is what you want. Instead you text me and call me. to ask us to have a common focus of being special close friends.

What is wrong with Yoruba boys?

I do not want to start of this year being rude to Nigerians but we need to do better.

I know these are small incidents but in a class of 7 people with 5 Nigerians and we are only 2 women is it not advisable to steer clear of Nigerians?

So can you understand when I say I hate them. It is because of shit like this.

I am so offended but at the same time relieved that I don't have to borrow anyone money.

Still so disgusted. I mean I am trying to be a better more polite person but people in the world ( Nigerians) keep testing me and pulling me back.

I will not be rude, I will not resort to an attitude to put mr common focus in his place- I will simply call hom aside tomorrow and tell him that I prayed about this and God has told me that the boyfriend in Nigeria is the one for me, and that I would not want to truncate my destiny by mingling. In the same breath I will also tell him that I spoke to my pastor about it and he ( my pastor) told me that the devil will try to derail me from my destiny.

Since he is Nigerian and Yoruba that should put him in check. Hopefully.

On another hand- ITS NOT SNOWING HERE!!!! WHOOPPP!

everyone keeps saying Oh there is 4 inch snow in scotland well not in Dundee! It was quite warm today the sun even came out ( which is really just screen saver because it was still cold as fuck)

At the mall this afternoon, I decided to thread my brows and get them tinted- Cost me 10 pounds but I was quite pleased with the result.

For one the threading didn't hurt as much as I expected it to. I have heard only horrible things about the process.

However because I do not have that much eye brow hair- I will still have to draw it on! But I dont mind I also like the natural shape of my eye brows or whatever the woman called it, Its nice.

All that is left now is for me to either A. Buy nail polish to do my nails or B. find a saloon where I can do this shellac.

So what has been up with you people?

I know I am going to be blogging ALOT this year- so much to share and no one to call and gist with my free landline! * sigh*

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