Friday, January 11, 2013

Supply and demand

Today is much better day than yesterday.

I had a windfall literally. I had been trying to do something since I got to the UK and in like 5 mins I was ale to sort it out. Like that * snaps fingers*

It was amazing.

Also I feel much better, I do not miss home as much neither am I home sick.

I had a very interesting day in class today- Contract law, I like that you can interpret law as you like.

Also, the lecturer was funny. and God knows I needed laughs.

It was not as cold as it usually is- Thank you Jesus. So Im just here trying to find a saloon to do my nails and tint my brows tomorrow.

Today was a good day- I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Ps: I am the undisputed queen of awoof- All I did today was grab free biros and pencils at every single stand.

I do not care- I didn't come here to buy biros.

and make more Nigerian friends.

Does that sound mean? I am here to mingle. and meet new people and experience new cultures and hopefully perfect the art of writing research papers.

Also I have decided to delete my twitter- after only a month- I just realise it really is not for me.

But I will give myself a week. I am currently drawing up my reading time table. I am excited about the prospects of being a student again- Although its so daunting since I have zero knowledge of what I am doing, I am excited about learning, and I appreciate the learning/ teaching methods in this academic system.

Talk about thinking outside the box!

I am very excited obviously. Also I decided I will djay during my stay here. Only Nigerian music sha, I have decided to mingle and meet people and it seems like a good way- Forget that it is something I have never done before, or that a bulk of those in the club are white.

I think the world should have a good appreciation of Nigerian music. all types.

I actually do not like beyonce, before I didn't mind her but it really feels like she is trying her hardest to steal sister Solange's shine.

Poor girl is going on tour Queen B feels it is the best time to you know- leak her half naked ( rather tacky and obviously photoshopped) GQ cover. And Bey stans Imma let yall finish BUT rihanna's GQ cover was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than that trash your supposed Queen put out.

I mean- She could have done better.

And I think beyonce understands that " market don fall press am" so she runs back to DC3. every 5 years they will release final album and then come back again.

In other music news.... My boy Justin is releasing new music! Hellloooooooooooooooo!

I am so excited for Justin and Timberland their musical chemistry is the kind of chemistry that people should use as prayer point for chemistry in their marriages, you know! so seamless and exciting!

Anyways I wish Solangel ( yes I know Sol- Angel) the best on her upcoming concerts!

Ps: maxwell is coming to Nigeria!

So many things to be thankful for. ALTHOUGH I am wondering why all these people ( celebrities) keep flocking to Nigeria in such a short period of time too.

Can't help but wonder ( ps: these celebrities do not include those that made/ hosted/ performed at the mistake that was koko concert)

I'm speaking of better people.

As I said, I am settling in well, I quite like it here. Asides the weather ( which I gather should be worse) I am thankful for where I am today. :)

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