Sunday, January 27, 2013

Best Man and Curry Gizzard

This weekend after my exams, I threw my books under the bed and settled in to watch a movie.

I chose the 1999 classic/ blue print of all African american movies.


Yup, unfortunately a lot of us have seen it, but its such a good movie and all that jazz.

I saw this in maybe Jss1 or Jss2 so I really did not understand why Lance was mad that his best friend and man slept with his wife to be- abi they are friends.

Fastforward to 2013( the year of sexual enlightenment and all that jazz) I find that this is unacceptable.

Anyways here are the Vows( Which are so beautiful) and the speech Taye Diggs gave at the reception.

So fucking beautiful- I tell you.

These are the vows from the movie:
"My friend, my love, my hero.  Loving you is my heart's joy.  It teaches me to be faithful to my personal truths.  As I stand beside you this day, I offer you the very heart of me, filled with sacred love. pure, unconditional and everlasting.  For love bears all things, endures all things and believes all things.  Love never fails..and I do love you, mind body and soul."
"My darling, my love.  As I stand here beside you this day...know that there is nothing greater than love.  For god is love and having faith in you and believing our love...makes life worth living.  And as I stare, as I stare upon your angelic face..I am made whole today ..a man with higher purpose.... for on this virtue is a man's greatest glory.  From this day forward we should love one another as God loves us."

Dear future husband please feel free to LIFT this shit word for word okay? I won't be mad I swear- Just read it off an iPad and I think we are good to go.

Next the best man speech- I really liked this because you was basically begging his girlfriend, subbing Nia long and at the same damn time making a toast that reflected the situation at hand.  LOVE IT!

Best Man Speech
"I have learned from them what it means to be truly committed to another person.  I've learned the importance of ceasing the moment.  Because you can't go back.  You can never go back.  You have to live for today.  Not for what was or what what could have been.  And what will one can say.  But just have to step out on faith and believe that what you have built together is worth preserving.  Because when you are made for each other as much as these two's definitely definitely worth preserving.  So to the bride and groom"  May god bless this union.

After that V asked/invited me to a flat party. I declined. I just don't feel like partying yet. I feel like I am this point where I am kind of done with partying- You know? Like Life is good, but it gets better than that.

On saturday the worst thing happened to me- I went to the bank and it was closed so I decided to look around the shops on the high street.

Walked into this shop found a perfect pair of size Nine boots on sale *squeal* they were £75 and had come down to £10. I didn't have cash but I was so optimistic that I walked to the counter and asked IF I could use my card to pay.

Turns out I could. So I whipped out my Fidelity bank Visa Card aaannnnddddd Everything pretty much went down hill from there.

I bought a new coat, jewelry, clothes random house, spring rolls.

I basically turned myself into a debit card ninja- Slotting in my card and paying for everything and anything.

Only good thing that came out of all that is that I probably have michelle Obama arms by now with all the stuff I had to carry back to my flat.

Did Laundry, cleaned the kitchen, washed my bathroom, hand swept my room floor because the vacuum cleaner in my apartment is really shit- if anyone knows where I can find a proper Nigerian room in Scotland- Please "alla atchur gurl".

Today I went to church- AMEN SOMEBODY!

I was the only black person there and it was such a different service from all the casting and binding and witches and wizards services I am so used to. The pastor preached about the all encompassing nature of God, how different doctrines try to fit him into a box as small as thier minds can understand and no more.

Basically Baba God is bigger than all of you the mind can comprehend. It was a good service.

After church I did some more random shopping- even though I shouldn't have- I'm probably going to have to cut up my card at this rate. :(

So I came home and decided to cook something fancy.

I cooked curry gizzard, coconut rice with prawns and dodo.

Not having a maid help you chop up all your condiments before you start cooking is stressful yo!

I literally had to clean the gizzard, chop the onions, garlic, pepper, tomatoes etc etc. pluck the coriander leaves ( which I had no idea what they were until today- But they gave my gizzard curry a very distinct taste I am still trying to place)

Then start cooking- finish it, move to the rice- finish that and start frying the plantain- Thankfully my housemate came to help me.

In the end success.

However the food will most likely go to waste because- I had zero appetite after all that cooking and standing on my feet and washing up and all that.

But My house mate kept saying she can't believe I am so adventurous- cooking food with just an online recipe.

Risk takers lomo.

AND in all of this immersion of my hands in water, laundry yesterday, plate washing, cooking, bathroom washing my nail polish is yet to chip.


I do not know IF it is the brand- If yes- ORLY for president.

If its the water- No wonder I still feel dirty and I have to rescrub myself at least twice till I can feel clean, which might be what is making my skin lighter- I will come to that much later.

Classes start tomorrow- I liked the weekend- Chilled, lazy with a lot of productivity( I was able to buy a book :))

And I am going to start taking piano lessons.

Between the Gym, school work and piano lessons, I hope I find time to see the world or at least part of it in scotland- my friend Asake said I should kuku go and study to be a scientist since that is what I am trying to do!

I wish all of you a fruitful week ahead, lots of happiness and smiles all round etc etc etc

( You can see I am in a very good mood tonight)


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