Thursday, January 17, 2013

Class mates & House mates

Before I delve into this, let me tell you what my Nigerian friend with a common focus told me.

He said & I quote:  He is not happy with what I said because he is not a distractor and can never be. But he will still take it. There are two sides to every coin.

Now maybe because my Yoruba is not sound I'm not really sure what was going on there- but I will take my small victories and move on.

Ps: Everyone I told/ showed the text messages to, said it pretty much serves me right for mingling with Nigerians.

Now that hopefully that is over now. Let me tell you what happened to me today.

So I was in class- Getting my groove on when this absolutely beautiful girl with an accent ( and when I say accent here think bad girl riri type accent) was sitting behind me so we got into a conversation and yada yada yada because the class was 3 hrs we pretty much had lots to talk about  and she ended up telling me about how she is having insomnia because she is trying to quit smoking.

So it turns out this girl is from Trinidad and Tobago which SURPRISE is an Island and not an EU state. ( Thank you Mr Gboyega for teaching me rubbish geography)

Turns out she has this one Nigerian friend who she kept telling me about some very good looking boy, who is Nigerian and can not eat is Step mothers food because he is an only son ( You know, that Afmag drill of two wives)

And she keeps asking about Mr Nigeria and mentions his last name- Turns out his father is former secretary to the government of the federation and an ambassador, (I just figured this out now after googling said name)

And she went on to show me the boys picture- All the while in my head I was just thinking of how my " Nigerian brother" had introduced this oyibo to the black mamba.

So After class I just ask her where do you stay- Turns out she lives in my building- Excitedly I reply " Me too"

So she asks- What flat and she says- No way brings out her key and she is my flat mate.

Now today makes it a week and somedays since I moved in here and I had not seen any of my flat mates.

( Although I ran into one this morning in the kitchen)

So here I am with a housemate, and a class mate who is so totally cool, and what not.

My next vacay is looking like the Caribbean yalllll!

As you can tell I am very excited about this whole development- Thank you Universe.

Ps: She is such a beautiful little thing! :)

Yay to making new friends!

* does a little jig*

Speaking of new friends, I have this boy in my class ( who is also non Nigerian- Obviously) I will tell you about him later.

Anyways what is up with Tesco selling Horse meat????

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