Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Animal rights and other lefts

So I have come to a conclusion that White people generally have no problems so much so that they have to take on the problems of Animals- yes you heard me- ANIMALS.

Since I have arrived, I have had 3 incidents that have stood out in my mind which I will share with you.

In class- after lunch break ( which I spent scouring the aisles of super drug for lipsticks on sale). My class mate asks me how lunch was. I reply" I spent it shopping for make up".

And he asked me- I hope you bought only make up that has no animal testing.

ewo tun ni animal testing. I'm telling you I bought make up you are asking me about animal testing- Abeg dress far.

At the local food market with my Nigerian housemate trying to buy eggs. So the shop owner tells us- these are eggs from free range chickens not caged chickens.

I'm confused so I ask- what is the difference.

Apparently "studies" have shown that the chickens in cages are generally unhappy and lay eggs that are not as nutritious as the chickens allowed to roam around.

So I asked( In my mind obviously)- the free chickens are they  not fenced in? abi are they roaming the streets of Scotland laying eggs? - Abeg shift.

My Nigerian house mate is gisting me:
I'm cooking chicken in my kitchen when my Indian housemate walks in and starts telling me about the day she looked in the fridge and saw meat.

She was so scared.

Me: Why would raw meat scare you( I assumed it was because she was indian and they worship cows or something- Blame all the indian movies I have watched for this ignorant assumption)

She: I am a vegetarian.

Me: Oh why?

She: I just thought about it and imagined people killing my own children to eat.

Both of us laugh

and I ask my Nigerian housemate: Is she a goat or cow that she is feeling bad that people are killing thier children

Housemate: wo Ore, iwo lo mo.

Clearly these people have little or no problems. Like I can understand the fur own- Okay that's a lie I cant understand it- But it is creepy to wear another animal's skin shaa- when you are not a cave man.

But this obsession with animal rights here is lowkey amusing.

ps: as usual, I did not proof read so all typos are mine. x

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