Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy. Unhappy then happy again.

So I have been having a mini crisis of sorts.

My flat mate from dundee had been super difficult regarding my security deposit and the sharing ratio
But thankfully we have come to an agreement.

so that made me a bit happy.

I managed to complete my first IFRS AFS from scratch today.

I am mighty pleased with myself I can not lie.

I dropped off the first draft with my manager today- she seemed surprised and lowkey impressed.

Me- I was like meh.- I'm bad ass like that.

I saw "no good deed" with a friend of mine ( male and Yoruba)

who has been friends with me for such a long time that I did consider him

a staple in my life- No friendzone-ing. Like my actual friend.

So imagine my shock when my friend came at me with that whole " I am attracted to you etc etc etc".

I somehow helped him pick out a ring for his fiancee.

I am so dissapointed in him. And you need to see how casual he is about the whole thing.

Any way in that moment I realised two things about myself.

One- I do not flourish in casual relationships.

Actually that is a lie from the pit of hell.

I do not flourish in casual relationships that I did not instigate. * rarrrrr*


second thing- in spite of all my baby girl ness- I am a one man woman.

That doesn't mean anything.

I think I am so single track minded that two or more men just cause me stress.

Another thing that is currently making me happy is

surprise deliveries!

A super kind woman on instagram sent me a message requesting my phone number.

Two days later- I got a delivery at my office.

No I would not say what it is. But OMG my spirits are so lifted!

Y'all know how much I love presents now imagine just staying in your lane and present coming to meet you.

I am pleased. very pleased.
More pleased than a * insert pleased related metaphor*

You people need to emulate said lady. for my birthday in November. OMG my birthday is here already!

You people do not even know how excited this made me.
I do not even know how to thank said lady.

I might have to send her a blank thank you card.

Although I am always so wary of fostering friendships on the internet since I am really cat fish.


Also my go to baker for asap cupcake orders found me on instagram.

She sent me a text saying how I was all kinds of hot.

You people are putting this girl under unneccesary duress to serve hotness daily.

Anyways how are you peopleeeeee?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I have latch on repeat while I am sstruggling ( double S for emphasis) on attempting to complete my current client's AFS before I go to abuja next week.

I quite like how I am told a week before I leave so I can prepare my self and life for abuja.

Because it does take a toll on me emotionally.

I have been so cranky since last night.

two reasons- ASOEBI PRICES.

These costs just creep up on you.

Like hello- I have the color at home; don't be making me buy clothes any how.

Anyway that is neither here nor there since the fabric is for my Grandma's 80th as well as my uncle's wedding.

But that isn't the real reason I am so cranky and I have been snapping at all and sundry.

I actually can not disclose the real reason because you know- I just can't.

But I am grossly unhappy.

and no it is not a man matter.

I am finding it so hard to be happy for someone so close to me who really does deserve all the happiness in this world but I feel like the person is being used and taken on a ride.

But there is no way to convey my exact concerns without coming across like a hater.

Which is odd because I am already a hater.

Like I just want to be in my bed right now doing nothing.

But mulling over my current situation.

Like this is a cloud hanging over my head. And I am quite pissed.

Also I have no one to talk to about this.

Everytime I have a mini emotional crisis I just run away from everybody.

which is really shameful since you know- people come to me with all their crisis.

Meanwhile who else has noticed how much fear festers in concealment?

Current;y reading the book "fine boy" and it is such a good bok- I want a paper copy for my mother because I do not think she is currently at the stage of reading ebooks on her ipad.

Although to her credit she is quite proficient at using the ipad.


Friday, September 19, 2014

The era of think peices

The need to tell everyone how YOU think they should live their lives is and has become


So stop writing your damn think pieces.

You know why-

While I occasionally sit on the highest horse of my moral ( although frequently questionable) standards and mock and sneer at my perceived poor choices of other people's lives; I do not understand where one gets off writing a 5000 word essay on it.

Like I get it; you can not understand why someone stay's with a man that hits her- which is fine because we aren't all knowing.

What I do not get is you trying to garner and curate an ongoing dissection of other people's life's choices especially when you are making no plans to open your mind and understand.

Linda Ikeji behavior if you ask me.

And lowkey I exempt her because it is her daily bread.

But you who is not in that relationship; is not related to any related parties; you do not even watch the damn sport- how does it really really really affect you?

And I find Nigerian women who are crying about it the most hypocritical- because Look half of the women in my mother's generation Chopped beating ( maybe not until they became unconscious) BUT you get my drift.

I understand you want to mull over it with your partner who doesn't hit you; And I understand you laugh about it with your girlfriends over dinner; what I really do not understand is where you found the time to write a 5000 word essay on someone you have never met based on your own experiences.

Project much?


Stop asking women to fight for their marriages; or leave their cheating partners; or do this or do that.

Really stop.

Just let women who want to be- do just that be.

And if she dies; she dies because you know what- we are all going to die one day.

All the above being said- I honestly do not condone violence of any kind in relationships OF ANY KIND.

Especially but not limited to co-workers.

I am just sad that a woman has made her choice to fully be with someone regardless of his flaws and the whole world is coming at her like she is mentally deranged.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Enjoying my life

LOL one of my numerous Yoruba male friends - yes I happen to have a lot of Yoruba men in my life.

Anyway one of them recently titled me the chairperson baby girl association.

he said and I quote- you like to enjoy your life.

And I find it amusing because- who doesn't like enjoyment?

I would love to launch into a long spell of how we all get only one life and we must live it to the fullest cramming and stuffing every waking hour with things we truly love and delight in. BUT

Drake said it best here - YOLO.

You only live once. and if you do it right- once is enough.

For a long time I struggled with being who I wanted to be fitting all stereotypes as I went along and it drained me.

Now I am just taking my life- one day at a time; doing what I feel like- except when I have to wake up for work;( urgh).

But generally I would attend a party if I want; and then do my nails by my self if I feel like, or go by the saloon and have them done if I feel like a little pampering is neccesary.

I urge all of you and myself included to live and lead a BIG life. one filled with decisions that would fill us with stories to tell; rather than choices that leave us with a horrible trail of what ifs.

I am currently on vacation in Abuja. and it has been such an amazing week,

I danced my heart away with KSA last night and I realised that I might be a lot more yoruba than I would like to admit.

And all that money spraying-  BE STILL MY BEATING HEART.

The funniest thing is that my mother took all the money I was sprayed. None the less.

It has been an amazing week.

Also- I am finally over my obsession with these my small small boy friends in abuja.

While I would love to be sad and whatever. I'm just like meh- lagos here I come.

This post was inspired by my friend who pointed out to me how full my life is- re my sequence of instagram photos.

while I by no means have it all together; I am definitely making sure I am not just existing but living.

Also I have decided to stop waiting for 30* to morph into a fabulous- power ranger/voltron and start now.

Again as always- ALL TYPOS MINE.

* I have always believed one just becomes fabulous at 30.


I have been so wrapped up in my self that I have forgotten all the good amazing beautiful things that have happened to me.

I am here sitting at my desk in my hotel taking a break from work to count my blessings one by one

and they are so damn many.

I/m just putting this here as a reminder when I want to complain about how much I hate  what my life looks like.

That It was much worse and it got better and would get so much better.

Looking back and now facing front-  There is so much to be thankful for.

#mp Pass you by- Black magic.

Friday, September 5, 2014


I've learnt that to sustain any relationship- 
One would have to treat people like they are your children.

You would accommodate and love and treat them like a mother treats a child.

Knowing fully well that when they say - I hate you; they really don't and you would still make them dinner.

That is the manner of love I've found that sustains relationships.

The love that gives without keeping score.

Guess who doesn't have the capacity to give that kind of love?

I hate how you learn this shit a little too late.

Hope you have a lovely weekend,

I'm off to a mini vacay on Monday. Would be back on Friday. 

Sending love and light to all of y'all!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

On Shopping and a mini business review

I like to buy things.

This is probably at the top of my list of why I have not yet quit my job.

So I can afford to keep myself happy.

Anway moving back I was worried that I would be unable to shop as much then this popped up.

Go on- click the link. It would open you to a world of endless shopping possibilities.

I have bought and I kid you not
a sirus sonic face washer;a bag; two mary portas dresses; mario badescu face and body washes, nail polishes; hand sanitizersss; shoes; random bits and bobs.

All of these in a span of three months - a testament to her efficiency and speedy delivery.

Now I need to point out that I am a budget shopper- which means I scout the web for the lowest price of whatever item I want to buy;; read numerous reviews and I struggle with indecision.

Seyi- ( the business owner) understands this- infact she is the perfect example of calm.

When I wanted to buy the face washer- I was undecided about the clarisonic- she sent me links to check, reviews I could read- she even made various suggestions.

She was such a star.

Or when I wanted to buy the bag- which my sister has stolen- from Just fab.

I had discount codes I wanted to utilize and she was so willing to accomodate my excesses.

I am definitely at ease with the orders when I place them.

And the off chance that I need her to deliver a present to someone In America for me.

She is ready to handle that as well.

This is such a shit review for the large scope of what she does.

So if you are furnishing your house; or you are changing your wardrobe; or you just want to buy something nice or it's your birthday and you want to buy " birthday dress". Hola at her.

Also- you should follow her on instagram  and on twitter 

She ships from the Uk and US and she charges 11% of the total cost of what you are buying- minus your shipping costs as her charge.

See how generous she is?

There is no ripping off here. Infact you are getting the best deal with her.

On her instagram she always has one sale or the other going on and is willing you give out passwords.

so if you are eyeing an item and it is too expensive- do not worry there are always sales around the corner.

And USX is always willing to help you out. :)

Emails at 1am

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