Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy. Unhappy then happy again.

So I have been having a mini crisis of sorts.

My flat mate from dundee had been super difficult regarding my security deposit and the sharing ratio
But thankfully we have come to an agreement.

so that made me a bit happy.

I managed to complete my first IFRS AFS from scratch today.

I am mighty pleased with myself I can not lie.

I dropped off the first draft with my manager today- she seemed surprised and lowkey impressed.

Me- I was like meh.- I'm bad ass like that.

I saw "no good deed" with a friend of mine ( male and Yoruba)

who has been friends with me for such a long time that I did consider him

a staple in my life- No friendzone-ing. Like my actual friend.

So imagine my shock when my friend came at me with that whole " I am attracted to you etc etc etc".

I somehow helped him pick out a ring for his fiancee.

I am so dissapointed in him. And you need to see how casual he is about the whole thing.

Any way in that moment I realised two things about myself.

One- I do not flourish in casual relationships.

Actually that is a lie from the pit of hell.

I do not flourish in casual relationships that I did not instigate. * rarrrrr*


second thing- in spite of all my baby girl ness- I am a one man woman.

That doesn't mean anything.

I think I am so single track minded that two or more men just cause me stress.

Another thing that is currently making me happy is

surprise deliveries!

A super kind woman on instagram sent me a message requesting my phone number.

Two days later- I got a delivery at my office.

No I would not say what it is. But OMG my spirits are so lifted!

Y'all know how much I love presents now imagine just staying in your lane and present coming to meet you.

I am pleased. very pleased.
More pleased than a * insert pleased related metaphor*

You people need to emulate said lady. for my birthday in November. OMG my birthday is here already!

You people do not even know how excited this made me.
I do not even know how to thank said lady.

I might have to send her a blank thank you card.

Although I am always so wary of fostering friendships on the internet since I am really cat fish.


Also my go to baker for asap cupcake orders found me on instagram.

She sent me a text saying how I was all kinds of hot.

You people are putting this girl under unneccesary duress to serve hotness daily.

Anyways how are you peopleeeeee?

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