Friday, September 12, 2014

Enjoying my life

LOL one of my numerous Yoruba male friends - yes I happen to have a lot of Yoruba men in my life.

Anyway one of them recently titled me the chairperson baby girl association.

he said and I quote- you like to enjoy your life.

And I find it amusing because- who doesn't like enjoyment?

I would love to launch into a long spell of how we all get only one life and we must live it to the fullest cramming and stuffing every waking hour with things we truly love and delight in. BUT

Drake said it best here - YOLO.

You only live once. and if you do it right- once is enough.

For a long time I struggled with being who I wanted to be fitting all stereotypes as I went along and it drained me.

Now I am just taking my life- one day at a time; doing what I feel like- except when I have to wake up for work;( urgh).

But generally I would attend a party if I want; and then do my nails by my self if I feel like, or go by the saloon and have them done if I feel like a little pampering is neccesary.

I urge all of you and myself included to live and lead a BIG life. one filled with decisions that would fill us with stories to tell; rather than choices that leave us with a horrible trail of what ifs.

I am currently on vacation in Abuja. and it has been such an amazing week,

I danced my heart away with KSA last night and I realised that I might be a lot more yoruba than I would like to admit.

And all that money spraying-  BE STILL MY BEATING HEART.

The funniest thing is that my mother took all the money I was sprayed. None the less.

It has been an amazing week.

Also- I am finally over my obsession with these my small small boy friends in abuja.

While I would love to be sad and whatever. I'm just like meh- lagos here I come.

This post was inspired by my friend who pointed out to me how full my life is- re my sequence of instagram photos.

while I by no means have it all together; I am definitely making sure I am not just existing but living.

Also I have decided to stop waiting for 30* to morph into a fabulous- power ranger/voltron and start now.

Again as always- ALL TYPOS MINE.

* I have always believed one just becomes fabulous at 30.

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