On Shopping and a mini business review

I like to buy things.

This is probably at the top of my list of why I have not yet quit my job.

So I can afford to keep myself happy.

Anway moving back I was worried that I would be unable to shop as much then this popped up.

Go on- click the link. It would open you to a world of endless shopping possibilities.

I have bought and I kid you not
a sirus sonic face washer;a bag; two mary portas dresses; mario badescu face and body washes, nail polishes; hand sanitizersss; shoes; random bits and bobs.

All of these in a span of three months - a testament to her efficiency and speedy delivery.

Now I need to point out that I am a budget shopper- which means I scout the web for the lowest price of whatever item I want to buy;; read numerous reviews and I struggle with indecision.

Seyi- ( the business owner) understands this- infact she is the perfect example of calm.

When I wanted to buy the face washer- I was undecided about the clarisonic- she sent me links to check, reviews I could read- she even made various suggestions.

She was such a star.

Or when I wanted to buy the bag- which my sister has stolen- from Just fab.

I had discount codes I wanted to utilize and she was so willing to accomodate my excesses.

I am definitely at ease with the orders when I place them.

And the off chance that I need her to deliver a present to someone In America for me.

She is ready to handle that as well.

This is such a shit review for the large scope of what she does.

So if you are furnishing your house; or you are changing your wardrobe; or you just want to buy something nice or it's your birthday and you want to buy " birthday dress". Hola at her.

Also- you should follow her on instagram  and on twitter 

She ships from the Uk and US and she charges 11% of the total cost of what you are buying- minus your shipping costs as her charge.

See how generous she is?

There is no ripping off here. Infact you are getting the best deal with her.

On her instagram she always has one sale or the other going on and is willing you give out passwords.

so if you are eyeing an item and it is too expensive- do not worry there are always sales around the corner.

And USX is always willing to help you out. :)


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