On the finality of Death

Death is so final.

It makes everything seem futile.

Like you are slaving away on earth for nothing.

Today was my cousin's burial.

I was at the grave side and we were called to rites.

From dust we came and to dust we return.

Nothing is more final than that.

I also learnt that there is no such thing as water proof mascara when you are having a nice break down.

His care taker came and cried. AND she cried. and cried and cried.

My aunt had to scream at her to stop crying and demonstrating.

As we finished the rites and they shut they grave.

It started to rain.

You may not believe it but family is everything- Just standing there watching them rally around my aunt and tease each other and crack jokes.

Even in the face of death; we still found things to laugh about.

and that is the beauty of life I guess- there is always something to laugh about.

As an aside- You internet users are creeepppyyyyyyyyyy/ stalkerrrrrrssss.

But in a good way.

One of my blog followers found me on google in under 10 minutes.- according to him; dont take my word for it.

And I was touched at the effort.

Personally I can not be bothered about the writers of the blog's I love so you can imagine how amusing I found it. I confess all the interest is flattering.

As much as it may seem like I want to be anon- It really just stems from Laziness.

I can be arsed to take photos or link my instagram here so I have no pictures.

But I am not catfish sha- you can take my word for it.

I currently tweet from  here. I am pretty random and obsessive. And I also have zero tolerance for iranu.

I block very easily- no threats just saying; so keep your opinion to your own twitter okay?

I have updated my profile to include an email address where I can be reached on- So if anyone wants to send me presents for " coming out" feel free to contact me.

As for my instagram- I am wary as to how most readers will receive me so no instagram account- but again; this needs repeating- I AM NO CATFISH.

Admist all the tears and laughter, I resolved to live my life to the fullest.

The utmost fullest life is what I think I deserve.

Which I why I am going on another vacation.

LOL- Hardly a vacay. But once I get approval from my managers and partners.

I am off to have the time of my life. With people I love and who love me in return.

Also in all the laughter with my family. I did not feel so alone.

On a different note

Last night I went to karaoke with my mainest day one office lovers.

We had such an amazing time- My friend Ori who is a singer but pretends to be an investment banks to idle about has the most amazing voice.

But she was not last nights star.

Actually Last night there were two stars.

This nice young man who decided to stare into my soul while doing a really good rendition of - Az's yet last night. I was like

Can You stop staring at me pleaseeeeeeeeeee. LOL

My friends found it so hilarous. I was like urgh.

the second and main star was someone called "Austine"- I remember his name because as he picked his song Muni and I were saying " Please do not do this"


Home boy channeled Neyo and slayed " do you" by Neyo.

He also recorded the whole performance AND I strongly believe he plans to get an ex back.

If you are the woman he sends that recording to- Stay strong, I also do not think your current man stands a chance. So if " Austine" gets you back- I understand.

Finally the weekend is here. I plan to take my other cousins to see a movie and just generally spend time with them catch up on who is dating who; who has a new boyfriend - my younger cousins seem no have no issues switching partners. Almost too easy.

There are not enough side eye's in the world for me to give to them.

But I am looking forward to them and to my mini vacay.

Enjoy the weekend and make the most of it.


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