On relationships

Last time I was in Londres, I saw HOAYS with my friend [ Term not used loosely here], who I had blogged about before- I reached out to him after we had an argument and I was drunk and etc etc etc .

Anyways we went to see the movie 9 Ps- ( I have also seen it in Lagos; I do not think it was edited).

So we were walking back to his flat where I was going to change and catch a cab for the airport  to greece [ shameless plug- but its my blog so whateverrrr]

And he said you know after Odenigbo cheated on Olanna, they still had a relationship- Just not the one she wanted.

He would come to beg. she would entertain and push him away and wash rinse repeat.

And re-watching that movie made me wonder-

What kind of relationships have we allowed previous relationships to morph into-  I refuse to use the word evolve because evolution depicts  some sort of growth.

Soooooo what kind of relationships do we currently have.

On friday bungalows with my friend [ again term not used loosely here- although I must make more of an effort with her and all of my other friends quite frankly], I said I find myself in various different situationships.

I honestly can not explain what that means but one must take it as it is.

That being said- My friends always say I am flaky.

I have friends from maybe 10 years ago, maybe 5 and recently 3 months.

I am not exactly friendly so I take the ones I have seriously. small circle and all that jazz.

Anyways fast forward to the last one year where I have been grossly busy and engrossed in my own self I kind of havent taken the initative to make plans or return calls or what have you.

Which is why I blog- I have a twitter- which if you are my actual friend; would know about. and an instagram page with my middel name as the user name.

If you really cared about me- Help yourself to the cookie crumbs about I left on the internet on my way to where I am at.

I tweet a lot and a instagram more than a lot. So when people say they can not reach me I'm like fuck out of here with your complaining ass.

I also think it is the evolution of letting people attempt to reach out to me that throws them off.

Anyways enough about how relationships are evolving- How are you evolving?

I do not remember making a new years resolution - But if I remember clearly I just wanted to be happy. and have people who were supposed to be my friends stop talking about me.

7 Months into the year, let me tell you this.

Regarding happiness- I have learnt that happiness is constantly moving so one must grab it with both hands when it is near- and say bye when it leaves because it always returns.

Regarding talking- If they do not know me personally- there is no need to take it personal.

So friend of a friend calling said friend to talk about me- meh.

Friend talking about me- double meh and a bye felicia wave.

No one needs that kind of negative energy around- I have co workers for that shit[ LOL- Jk, my co-workers are amazing to an extent].

Okay *vain alert* I swear the only reason I am writing this much today is my green nails are the most beautiful this thus far.

Love them so much.



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