life's highs and lows


Family friend came over and I saw the quality of life through his eyes. Only naturally he wants to move back.

Also- I hosted a mini dinner party. AND- if you are male and you want to go into politics, I swear I am your best bet for a wife. I would not only make your campaign posters look good, I will bring you votes from the elitists party and host you the most fabulous dinner parties.

[ expressly implied is the fact that I would stand by you and your cheating ass- provided you make me so much money]

None the less- My dinner party rocked.

It was a small intimate affair and a success.

I was able to meet all my deadlines at work; respond to all my queries from home office.

I found this shirt and skirt set from a Nigerian designer for N 4,250- I have practically found a unicorn.

Hopefully the clothes can stand the assault of my washer-man's hands


Tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction had complications in the form of a dry socket.

Two visits to the dentist, an infinite amout of salt water rinses and almost N50,000 later, I am almost okay.

Still living in fear of a repeat complication and I am doing these salt rinses like my life depends on it- Because it actually does.

-semi High from this low, Minimal food intake- Guess who is losing weight?


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