Saturday, August 23, 2014

Random update

I never blog on the weekends because- lets face it.

My weekends are so much of a blast that to even stop to document is stress.

Anyway today I woke up wanting some tuface of the face to face album.

Planned a spa date. shave my legs, do my nails, then just go some work then have lunch with my girl who was in town from law school and basically just chill.

Ore proposes- Her Mother does as she likes.

So I stopped by the tailor. came home with my aunty and her babies, about to settle in for some weekly book download- as my firm blocked all the download sites * insert angry face here*- My mother showed up.

Not only did my mother show up, she asked me to get dressed and follow her to her friend's daughter's wedding.

Me- But I haven't done my hair/nails/ nothing.

She- we leave in 20 mins.

And we leftin 25 minutes.

In as much as I hate Yoruba boys, You have to give it to them, they know how to PARTAYYYYY.

This Igbo wedding was rather low key regarding the way lagos weddings are set up.

But I liked it.

Took a million and one selfies with my mother. Took a stunning photo of her.

- which I would tweet and instagram later on.

Then we did  a bit of random chilling.

It just occurred to me that 1- my mother is getting old and I must as much as possible spend time with her.

And 2- I need to get married, because everyone is dying to come and eat her daughter's wedding cake.

Also I might need to go to abuja for the week to support her- It is the ICAN conference [ of which I am a member/ and my mother happens to be the president of the society of women's accountant's of Nigeria; and I was not going to go- although I really wanted to] anyways I might have to pop in for the week but I would need a suitcase.

Bottom line was I had such a good time. I wonder why I never spend time more downtime with my mother.


Quaggar said...

Hey, wanted to send you a mail, but realised there was none on your about page.

How can one contact you?

Ms.Oreoluwa said...

hi, i have sent you an email.

Are you okay and other stories.

The last few months have been difficult for me. Not in the I'm broke way but when you count the cost of an task to undertake but you so...