The power of the truth

People ask me a lot, how I am able to be so comfortable and confident and etc and etc.

I tell them it is because I am honest.

I am honest with my self, about what I like, what I fear and what my life is like.

I am honest with other people[ including our dear friends on social media]

I am yet to buy into the belief that one should make things seem easier because- respect in the eyes of others.

I used to lie- compulsively [ I think] But only because I lived with the fear that my truth was not good enough.

And it is.

It really is.

It might not be enough for anyone else- But it lets me sleep at night sans fear of a scandal tomorrow.

Or what have you.

For me, my truth is enough simply because it gives me peace.

I have friends who tell me- You are so honest, I tell them I'm forced to remember less when I tell more truths.

Yes it would mean that I have to repeat stories, but  i'm unapologetic.

I write this today because I feel like someone out there needs to know.

That the truth might hurt[ actually it always hurts like a bitch] BUT, BUT BUT


That being said- I cannot believe another weekend is here- *insert dancing emoticon*

I am dying to get a massage but because of my current skin situation[ which I am growing tired of explaining to human beings- I do not have ebola], I have to wait till I get the green light from my super hot dermatoligist who I see 15th of august.

So scrap the massage and the swimming session[ because new hair- which makes me look like a star], but yah.

I plan to read and pop over at the gym with the new squat rack machine and we would see how it goes.

I hope everyone has such a restful weekend.


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