Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bag Lady

I had been feeling a bit iffy.

Because I need ( not have to, but need to) CALL my Dad, and I am yet to get around doing that.

Alsooooo I have been scared to sleep at night re-sleep paralysis.

Like its so weird since I have never expericened it before AND,

last week at the village my cousin was telling me how- When you are sleeping your brain shuts down
so if you wake up in a rush or unexpectedly-your heart beat can sound LOUD.

Other sites say that, your mind is awake and your fears feed your mind, so If you were afraid of spirit husband, that is what your eyes will see. And the foot steps of someone coming towards you is probably the sound of your heart beating.

Still having to recite - God has not given me the spirit of Fear, but of love, power and a sound mind till I fall asleep seems to be working- for now.

Anyway In a bid to get a pick me up- I changed bags.

My friends in Abuja tease me about how everytime I come to town, I'm with a new bag.

One day I was at my friends house and my bag was on the couch; And I was not in sight.

One of our other friends walked in and said " Ore is here abi?"

I came out and said ahn ahn stalkerr. He was like nah- I just saw the bag and knew it was you.

Me- LOOOOOOL. You people rate me too much.

Today My Uncle who would most likely walk me down the aisle turns 50!

Also my aunt's second baby turns 1!

SO excited!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Random Update

I had a kegel reminder installed on my phone- There is truly an app for everything.

For a few days I have been sensing/feeling an extra body around me- And it didn't really freak me out till yesterday I cam across a post on Instagram which said sleep paralysis was actually spiritual attack.

I was overcome by fear.

My beauty oils finally arrived.

Why did no one inform me that neem oil smelt like all your broken dreams bottled up in an incinerator. Nasty smelling; but is aparently the go to oil if you want clear skin.

I'm going natural re- skin care and hair care.

Speaking of Hair

Why does everyone think I have rat chopped hair.

I mean I always have a weave/braids or something but never my hair

So everyone is always laughing like I do not have hair- then I start laughing at them when I show them my yansh length real hair.

I had a report due 2 weeks ago.

I am only getting around to preparing it.

Ps- My skin on my body looks so fucking lush. Like black soap for the win.

But my facial skin keeps getting "slightly burnt"

Not as sun burnt as when I went to greece but burnt enough.

Speaking of holidayssss. I am sooo excited about my next holiday.

This year is going to turn out to be amazing re- holidays.

And I was panicking about not being able to travel.

Side bar- when I got my ring It was a snug fit, and so I used vitamin e oil/shea butter to wear it and take it of regularly. inevitably now I have dust trapped under my rock and this rock is pretty clear so all my flecks of dust are visible. :(

So suggestions on how to clean it?

I am wary of going to goldsmith, I've heard horrible things about them.

Also currently obessed with fetty wap's Trap Queen.

Like I have it on constant repeat. I LOVE THAT SONG. Fetty's flow is FLAWLESS.

I would really miss election period. today I close by 2.

I am thinking of going to spend the weekend at my future mother in law's house.

I really really really like her. and dare I say that the feeling is mutual.

But I am worried about what I would be doing all damn weekend?

Preparing accounts maybe?

or watching blackish- I've downloaded 10 episodes

I am also currently reading the jack reacher series- and let me tell you that I swear to God in Heaven I can practically be a sniper.

might attend kaylin's twerking class when I go on holiday. And I am fucking excited about that

Trying to rope my sister into it as well.

I also have this random craving for the gym today it is so weird.

I do not really like the gym. But whatever.

Also Do you guys think getting daddy showkey to perform at my wedding would be a bit somehow?

Because I actually really like him and his music and when I saw him perform at Hennessy artistry I was like * YASSSSSSS*

So happy election guys, keep safe and enjoy the weekend

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


So you guys it just occurred to me that I lied when I said my dreams do not consist of wedding planning.

Someone asked me what song I wanted to dance to my wedding reception with and I knew.

I knew because I have spent hours recounting how this particular moment will play out. 

Song of Choice - P-squares chop my money.

So basically me dancing as best as I can, not enough to sweat, but enough to inform those attending the wedding that I met my spouse at the club.

And when the chorus starts, he starts spraying me with hundred dollar bills. 

Usd because- what is austerity?

And what is exchange rate to a bride? 

Not a damn thing.

Anyways after he finishes spraying me with the first bundle, Dj will they proceed to play k-cee Limpopo. 

Then I will drop it like its hot, and my husband's best man will bring out MINT 1000 Naira notes- and make it RAIN.

As I said; I have clearly spent a lot of time dreaming/ thinking and constructing how this would pan out.

You do not want to know what I plan to do with the money they spray me sha.

I hope we all had a lovely easter. And we are looking forward to election enjoyment . Over the weekend. 


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