Monday, July 7, 2008


Last night i had a conversation with my friend about how his life was changing and everything was falling apart and how he went from Stud to Dud in no time at all and i realised that i've been there before actually for a long time.
You know that phase of your life where before was better than now and you just hope you find something that holds you to that your better past and try to hold on and then you realise that your grasping at straws, yes thats the part am talking about.
I have learnt and i wish the whole world would learn that:
the only people who truly care for you...most of the time are your family.
things dont always go the way we want them to.
the strangest things happen when your kind to people you wouldnt normally be kind to.
if you must travel far you must travel light in essence forgive!
20 friends cannot play for 20 years.
bullshit may get you to the top but it would never kep you there.
if you can concevie it you can achieve it.
friends would always let you down.
not everybody is worth your time, its your most precious asset so guard it, jelously.
what dosent belong to you, just dosent period.
beauty is but skin deep.
there is enough room at the top for everyone, contrary to popular belief.
no matter how insignificant everybody should be heard out
and last but not the least, the way you see your self is the way people would see you!
ps.. this is dedicated to Shelle Ololade, i love you to bits.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

introduction...i guess

the beautiful thing about blogging is like coming to unwind somewhere without all d drama of judgment and all d self righteous speechs of how one shouldnt do such and blah blah blah.its almost like a journal but instead random ppl who dont even know you....gets your gist 1st hand..ok enuf already...
today is the beginning of july..which means that time does fly cuz d 2nd 1/2 of d yr is here!!!! yayyyy!!!! and off course another 6 months 2 go b4 d nxt yr den all d drama of christmas and newyr..and all d resolutions and blah blah....
slowing down now my life is not exactly in a mess but if sumfin isnt done about will be..
in the cast of my life..ive got my family..1 mum(major SLAVE DRIVER)wud also be refered to as Ms Jailer, or Darling Mum, 2 sisters..technically surrogate sister...(Oneki) sweethart, then offcourse my Blood sis who aims at driving crazy...Ife...extremely uncontended girl...esp wen it comes to me..and offcourse my baby bro..OKe.. spoilt rotten by everybody that knows him...including me...
then ive got the Men ...My significant Other, i know..dont ask..., then my J-lo...(juvie-lover), still dont ask, den ive got those men from my past...Attitude Boy.... and other names that would be coming up consequently...
then my Home gurls...d list is totally endless...wud prolly just write hg behind their names consequently as the need arises...
and thats majorly it.
As i was saying about the new month, i would have loved to make resolutions except defict in the rsolution account...ive made so many, i cant seem to fufil em..(just on bdays, yearly, monthly anni,and sometimes periods) that explains y they are so many and im at the brink of giving up on the concept, so since i cant make resolutions..i intend to deal with the issues fair and square...
first i cant understand My J-lo..he has started telling me stories about how he is not my number 1, and i was usually under d impression that men understood implicity the concept of"something on the side", then for some strange reason Attitude boy and I have been having a lot of discussions over the fone...i think he is kind of upset that i kept my relationship from him,but even afterwards, things havent changed, we still fight as much...nd talk on d fone for hours... so big deal...not really then we decide its time we see each other....(we havent seen each other since july 7 2007) nd i happen 2 remember bcoz dts hs bday..along wiv 2 other men in my am i ready to see him maybe..maybe not...
but those 2..dont really stress me much im not obligated to any of them o maybe a little to J-lo...
now the major drama is my S.O... he is stressing Gray hairs out of my temple...figuratively speakin offcourse...i dont think im allowed to have male friends because my darling confidant...Shelle, is now off limits...according to SO, also his own friends are offlimits like i wud use any of them 4 anything..anyways so im bac 2 shelle behind his back anyways...since he has become close 2 his ex-gf...rude thing..(we had a run in once.)..nd SO has a beautiful way of making my day so i cant even be mad @ him for so long...even when i try...
then offcourse my BS(blood sister) that has refused to fufil her obligations.. concerning my LBD...and my spoilt babybro who insists that i must hold an after prom party in his honour..(am in final year in university BTW)..
and with all dz my project supervisor(superV) wants to see project proposals..yes 2 project proposals..wen i have no idea how to go about it...
and its just the 2nd day of the week, but despite all this i feel so blessed to be with someone who has put up with my exceeses(and they r plenty) for so long and is insistent on bringing a ring home to my mum...
and a family who puts up with all my "oversharpways" over and over again...and with a J-lo who is somewhat content with just a peice of me... and my Shelle who put up with on and off drama ...and my excessive cries for help....
long and short is that this is just the beginning of HRS... you think you know but u have no idea!!!!
easy ppl


I keep getting little signs that maybe I am on the right track, Just maybe,