Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random note.

so i read a blog post recently, that someone i know put up and i thought at first oh wow, i had no idea relationships are enviable.

then the second thing i thought was there are no perfect relationships.

then the 3rd thing i thought was, oh your single, nevermind, you wont understand.

but as it turns out i was wrong on all three counts.

somr realtionships are enviable, the ones where you are only aware off all the good stuff and all the presents shared. the owner isnt lying per se, they just arent letting you in on the whole package, and so you are envious, the gifts are pretty, the angry words during the fights that led to the gifts being given, not so pretty. but you wont know that, no one would tell you.

second, alomst like the first except you are now privy to imformation. the reasons for the fights, the arguments, the insecurities, the cheating, all the other girlfriends and then you think, oh sheet, she can never be happy here, she is seeling her self short blah blah blah. funny thing is, before you knew all this, she was in an enviable realtionship.

what you dont know wont kill you. really it wont, especially when it isnt your business.

its odd how you envied her happy and now you want her single because there is a rough patch and you are privy to information about it??

third, you do understand because you have been there, so you do know that there are difficult times, but we all chose to remeber only the happy times of the relationships we have had, and somewhat cannot understand how or why this girl stays, with the possessive boyfriend, the nonchallant boyfriend, the cheating boyfriend( even i cant understand) but along the line, we learn to accept our friends choices, accept thier decisions and support them.

and keep the "i told you" so snide comments to ourseleves.

if she loves him or thinks she does, who are you to stop her??

sometimes, i wonder why people make the opinions of others so important in thier relationships, why they feel the need to be friendly with people you honestly cant stand.

ok i think thats all.

moving on something has snapped inside me, before i was able to put up with peoples excesses. like pretend to be cool around people i dont like to please the people i do like. now i cant.
before i could bridge the gap between all my different circles of friends, now i cant. or rather i wont.

yes if a doesnt like be, its thier problem, i would no longer try to fix it. not anymore. you will both have to live with the fact that a and b are my friends. end of story.

mummy told me the older i get i'd realise that
a) all men are the same.
b) in the end it all comes down to you.
c) these people you carry on your head, will fail you. and its only God that wont.

i believe i have reached this point.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

may 25th

remember that date.

well u may not always have to, but it was the day i got back.

thats all im saying.

i love surprises. dont you?

Monday, May 24, 2010


first a huge thank you to everyone that prayed for me. thank you. thank you so so much.

i went to church for the 3rd time this year yesterday. i wasnt too excited. i hate the way pastors have to ask for money from the congregation. but then thats just me.

moving on. i feel soo relieved. exams are done. and i feel happy, finally i have the weekends to myself.

i have a full week, work on tue and thursday. cd on wednesday and friday plus i have swimming competiton with Debo. ( im worried, i cant swim anymore and i lied to him that i can) *shrug*

sunday i have church.

so last week i had this ridiculously strange conversation. and im worried there is more to it. *sigh*

im at a very happy place in my life right now. u have no idea. im really happy.

my driving has improved significantly.

and i think my dreads have started looking cute. finally met someone i meton the internet.
i know how shocking it is, ut yes girls meet girls on twitter too.

and she was sooo cute. and funny. had lunch with her. fun times.

so now i have an open social calender. fell free to invite me to your functions except offcourse. you are....

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy doesn't reside here.

Last year I got to this point where one day while reading for exams. I burst into tears.

Like just started bawling out my eyes, about how I don't think I can do this.

I was so sure I wasn't going to visit that point this year.

I was wrong. I am at that point.

Its May 15th 2009. My exams are in 3 fucking days. And I don't think I want to write them anymore.

Its 5am. And I've been up all night and I just want to cry. Well I'm crying already but like really really scream and cry.

Except mother dearest would not find it funny if she sees me wailing about exams I haven't written.

I mean logically I shouldn't be worried abi??

I have been studying since January, I've taken classes, and what not. But I'm still so scared. And I haven't even written the exams. Maybe I should wait till I am more comfortable?? And write it in November??

Arrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh I hate this whole exam thing. I wish I could sleep. And wake up and it would all go away.

I think I need a new basis 4 my self esteem. U see I always used academic performance.

Now I dunno if I should actually base it on that anymore. Seeing as I'm worried about these exams.

I think its time I Prayed. Very seriously.

Please pray for me.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

the END.

I'm closing down this blog in 2 weeks. Yup

And going totally anonymous.

So if there is anything you have seen that u liked her I advise you to copy paste and keep.



Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Yes. What goes around comes around.

And I promise you this is what will come to you.

I heard devastating news today. It literally broke my heart. In a million tiny pieces.

Shamed faced I'm one of those women who believe in "what the eyes don't see, the doesn't grieve over"

Not all men cheat. The same way not all women see Regular periods.

But the ones that do cheat, I expect them to at least keep a lid on their Mess.

My sister, My personal person. One the very few people I went to university with and I still speak too. Has acquired an IDIOT as a significant other.

I can't and Won't Divulge details because too many people actually know me personally and are gonna keep asking who it is. That's why I won't.

Why I can't is because I respect her privacy and I don't think she would appreciate the fact that I hate. Ok dislike ok can't stand her significant other.

I would never ask anyone to leave anyone else, but on this issue, I don't want her with him any more. She deserves soooooo much more than to be with this low life stupid sone of a Goat. Yes Goat. A bitch won't give birth to such a stupid person. What the hell??

This boy is such a huge piece of scum. He just disgusts me. And to think he has the guts to Add me to my  again, after the last time and then do it again?!!!

I'm sorry but I just don't understand. I know nothing is wrong with my friend.

Who thinks the world of you. My sister who has imagined spending forever with you.

I'm hurt when she says" I know but I love him" and I just want to smack her and. Get her her prince charming because you loser, it isn't you.

How Dare you embarrass her so. This is someone who in front of all your friends and all her disapproving friends opened her mouth and said she loved you. Yet this is how you chose to repay her.

I promise you, it is God that will deal with you, and when he is dealing with you, you will remember.

I pray for my friend, whose heart can't possibly break any further for the strength to leave you and toss you where you belong. The gutter. Or better still the slums.

What upsets me is that she refuses to. It kills me to watch her be disgraced publicly over and over while we all watch helpless because no1 can say anything because it isn't our business.

Well today I'm making it my business.

I am putting her in my Prayers. I am asking the same God who parted the Red sea for the isrealites to leave egyptn to create a route for her to leave you.

I am praying that the God of David that I serve will show himself faithful and open her eyes to how Useless you are. And what a waste of her precious time you have been.

I pray that God hardens her heart to not forgive you when you come back begging, because we all know you will come back begging. You stupid piece of shit.

I hate you for all the pain you have caused my sister. I hate that you have made her promises you were never capable of kEeping.

And I pray that karma be visited upon you in this particular fashion by she who you spend forever with.


And I shall continue to pray for my friend till she leaves you.

I'm sure you think its not that serious but it is. And I know WHEN she sees the light, she will leave you and God will bring her what he has in store for her. I believe the devil sent you to her. Only someone that does this kind of evil must clearly work for the devil. Just like you have shown.

And I would have thought I was over reacting but every single person has the same thing to say about you. You liying cheating Good for nothing, useless for everything, disgrace to manhood, waste of human space piece of skin.

The pain I feel now. Its truly Only God that can deal with you because....

I am so LIVID right now....


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fall in Love Video.

When I watch tv, I Never watch 327. Until today. I stumbled across it. ( Let's blame exams)
Anyhoos. The Dbanj fall in love Video. In one word. Fabulous!!!!

I loved it especially the ankara dress genevive( she was d leading lady in the vid) rumour also has it that, they are together. The dress was HAWT.. She looked really good.

Sesan did a fab job. I loved that part where he was waiting in the car to jog with her. And had someone stationed outside to alert him. Its cute because some1 I know met his wife while jogging. He actually saw her from his bathroom window and started jogging. And met her. Its soo cute. I give it full marks. Especially as the nigerian music videos. Tooh bad.

In other related news Dare Art Alade can get it. And he can sing. And I want him 2 sing to me.

Also saw that Mochedda video. MY GOD. She is PWEDDY!!! Like gashhhhhhh. And she's like what 1x?? Yes she is a teenager. I'm not disclosing her age.

That's about it. Oh and I want the song too. If you have it. Do share.

I also heard a rumour about me today. And I was hurt. Normally stuff people say about me Never ever get to me. But this hit home.

And contrary to what anyone may tell me. I will fix this. And I will get her back.

I know how I should be the bigger person and all that. But this is too much for me to be the bigger person.

Its days like this, I miss the Bitch I used to be, I'm really grown changed or whatever.

And I'm FUCKING pissed. And I will clap back.
If by the end of this week I don't get to the bottom of this rumour.
I won't do anything Yet, after my exams. Hopefully I won't be too mad, and I'll see whatever humor is left in the rumor. ( I gat skills bitches)

Yup and both exams were really gewd today.

I still love stephanie.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mocking Letter.

not the jeering kind. or the making fun off kind.

the kind i experienced today. exactly what is the point of mock exams??

ok i agree i didnt know that was the paper i had but ahn ahn. this paper slapped me left right and center. im honestly contemplating taking it in Novemeber, except Mother dearest will kill me. she has told me that it doesnt make sense if im so scared i will fail, then maybe i should fail and get over it.

but i dont want too. i cant handle the idea of pushing 20 hour days of study and not getting 50%. although, rumour has it that there have been diets with pass marks of 28%. professional exams tooohh baaaad.yes and to think people study for exams and get 15%. life isnt fair.

anyways fastward to 3 hours later. i KILLED. my second paper. like totally murdered it.

the little pleasures. i was soo excited i drove all the way home with my handbrake up. judge me all u want. i am a learner.

ive got two more papers tommorrow and im not too bothered. somehow not having studied doesnt bother me. these exams will be fine. as shall i.

and what is UP with Nigerian Movies???

(asides Afmag Yoruba movies 0ff course) these Nigerian movies do nothing but entertain and this entertainment is not pleasant.

stephanie Ego Nwobodo.
i love thee. i cant describe the ways which i love you. because they are too much to count. just as the pink pearl cannot be insured because its priceless, is how my love for you cant be quantified, because baby girl" o ti po ju".

i like how you understand me, i love how you have accepted me. more importantly him.
how i can be ridiculously silly with you and tell you everything. well almost everything. from 2006 till now, you have put up with my bullshit, even though i have taken more from you. all my friends. thank you.

i tell her this everyday. she doesnt believe me. lol. and she'll never read this.

and all my other friends will read this and complain that i dont love them. i love you all. too.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

may 5th

Some days to the exam.

I've been reading, blogs, mags old texts, anything but my books. Ok I did. I'm reading my books too. I just really miss when reading was part and parcel of me. :( after exams I new thing 2 occupy me.

Good news I have a Candidate for president. And his name is DonJazzy. After all dele momodu is running. :p off kess I had 2 take d piss. You are editor in chief of a. Mag that is practically a photo album. It doesn't make u a youth. Some1 shud tell dele that. Uncle dele. Pardon me. This word youth is too loosely thrown around. I don't blame him sha, IBB at 70 claims he is middle aged. Bible says man shud live 2 70. God dey.

Moving on I think Nigerians really want change. And Obama-esque type president. Not all this recycling. Well that's what I want.

I have soo much 2 say,
Was out on friday night. YAY.. Got into trouble with Oga.

Then I drove 2 d club and Alausa. And I promise all the boards kept saying Ibadan.

Ihave had so much kola nut, this ish isn't bitter anymore.

I'm meeting targets. This is making me feel really Good.

I miss eneni. I hope she is praying 4 me.

Went to the paintballing place. I have some bis idea, hit me up peoples.

My Nickname is pussyCat. No seriously all my uncles call me that. :( and I loved it till JJ came.

Ohhhh Friday was Doctor sids bday and I can say this with authority, in face u can quote me.

A) Genevie will not suffer if she marrys dbanj.
B) if don JaZzy runs 4 president he won't lose due to lack of funds.
C) there is NO reccession 4 the Nigerian entertainers.

These guys popped nothing less than 40 bottles that night. I kid you not. And with every bottle came 5 girls. Rehab musta been doing buy one bottle get 5 girls free.

I'm serious, it pained me that I don't drink champers. :( because they were sharing it like holy communion at d VIP.

I got my body butter AND 2 huge tubs of black soap. Yes ke I gatta get my sexy skin back on oo. Exams have almost finished.

Mock this weekend. Will determine if I'll write all 4 papers or not.

Today I actually used the phrase"its the God in me" and it felt quite good.

I got fragrance oil too. Body massages in d building.

Oh I'm an expert driver now. *insert F1 bbm emoticon*

Lol but really I'm good now.

I showered 2 use my soap and body butter.

I left it in d car, its more likr body groundnut oil.

Oh and my lovers temper doesn't Faze me anymore.

Its odd he just screams and screams and I sit there popping gum. Doing mental revision.

Now I'm positive I can see him in my future. God willing.

Anyways I've discovered the secret to dealing with men. I'll tell u but then I'd have 2 kill you.

But since I ‎​♥ my blog readers so. This is it:

IGNORE. I swear that is the secret. All of them are the same either ways.

Plus they are immensely attracted to women who don't have their time.

Yes thank me later. You are welcome in advance.
Back to kola and coke.

Xoxo ( sthg dramatic) lol



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