Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mocking Letter.

not the jeering kind. or the making fun off kind.

the kind i experienced today. exactly what is the point of mock exams??

ok i agree i didnt know that was the paper i had but ahn ahn. this paper slapped me left right and center. im honestly contemplating taking it in Novemeber, except Mother dearest will kill me. she has told me that it doesnt make sense if im so scared i will fail, then maybe i should fail and get over it.

but i dont want too. i cant handle the idea of pushing 20 hour days of study and not getting 50%. although, rumour has it that there have been diets with pass marks of 28%. professional exams tooohh baaaad.yes and to think people study for exams and get 15%. life isnt fair.

anyways fastward to 3 hours later. i KILLED. my second paper. like totally murdered it.

the little pleasures. i was soo excited i drove all the way home with my handbrake up. judge me all u want. i am a learner.

ive got two more papers tommorrow and im not too bothered. somehow not having studied doesnt bother me. these exams will be fine. as shall i.

and what is UP with Nigerian Movies???

(asides Afmag Yoruba movies 0ff course) these Nigerian movies do nothing but entertain and this entertainment is not pleasant.

stephanie Ego Nwobodo.
i love thee. i cant describe the ways which i love you. because they are too much to count. just as the pink pearl cannot be insured because its priceless, is how my love for you cant be quantified, because baby girl" o ti po ju".

i like how you understand me, i love how you have accepted me. more importantly him.
how i can be ridiculously silly with you and tell you everything. well almost everything. from 2006 till now, you have put up with my bullshit, even though i have taken more from you. all my friends. thank you.

i tell her this everyday. she doesnt believe me. lol. and she'll never read this.

and all my other friends will read this and complain that i dont love them. i love you all. too.


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