Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fall in Love Video.

When I watch tv, I Never watch 327. Until today. I stumbled across it. ( Let's blame exams)
Anyhoos. The Dbanj fall in love Video. In one word. Fabulous!!!!

I loved it especially the ankara dress genevive( she was d leading lady in the vid) rumour also has it that, they are together. The dress was HAWT.. She looked really good.

Sesan did a fab job. I loved that part where he was waiting in the car to jog with her. And had someone stationed outside to alert him. Its cute because some1 I know met his wife while jogging. He actually saw her from his bathroom window and started jogging. And met her. Its soo cute. I give it full marks. Especially as the nigerian music videos. Tooh bad.

In other related news Dare Art Alade can get it. And he can sing. And I want him 2 sing to me.

Also saw that Mochedda video. MY GOD. She is PWEDDY!!! Like gashhhhhhh. And she's like what 1x?? Yes she is a teenager. I'm not disclosing her age.

That's about it. Oh and I want the song too. If you have it. Do share.

I also heard a rumour about me today. And I was hurt. Normally stuff people say about me Never ever get to me. But this hit home.

And contrary to what anyone may tell me. I will fix this. And I will get her back.

I know how I should be the bigger person and all that. But this is too much for me to be the bigger person.

Its days like this, I miss the Bitch I used to be, I'm really grown changed or whatever.

And I'm FUCKING pissed. And I will clap back.
If by the end of this week I don't get to the bottom of this rumour.
I won't do anything Yet, after my exams. Hopefully I won't be too mad, and I'll see whatever humor is left in the rumor. ( I gat skills bitches)

Yup and both exams were really gewd today.

I still love stephanie.


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