Monday, May 24, 2010


first a huge thank you to everyone that prayed for me. thank you. thank you so so much.

i went to church for the 3rd time this year yesterday. i wasnt too excited. i hate the way pastors have to ask for money from the congregation. but then thats just me.

moving on. i feel soo relieved. exams are done. and i feel happy, finally i have the weekends to myself.

i have a full week, work on tue and thursday. cd on wednesday and friday plus i have swimming competiton with Debo. ( im worried, i cant swim anymore and i lied to him that i can) *shrug*

sunday i have church.

so last week i had this ridiculously strange conversation. and im worried there is more to it. *sigh*

im at a very happy place in my life right now. u have no idea. im really happy.

my driving has improved significantly.

and i think my dreads have started looking cute. finally met someone i meton the internet.
i know how shocking it is, ut yes girls meet girls on twitter too.

and she was sooo cute. and funny. had lunch with her. fun times.

so now i have an open social calender. fell free to invite me to your functions except offcourse. you are....

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