Tuesday, May 4, 2010

may 5th

Some days to the exam.

I've been reading, blogs, mags old texts, anything but my books. Ok I did. I'm reading my books too. I just really miss when reading was part and parcel of me. :( after exams I new thing 2 occupy me.

Good news I have a Candidate for president. And his name is DonJazzy. After all dele momodu is running. :p off kess I had 2 take d piss. You are editor in chief of a. Mag that is practically a photo album. It doesn't make u a youth. Some1 shud tell dele that. Uncle dele. Pardon me. This word youth is too loosely thrown around. I don't blame him sha, IBB at 70 claims he is middle aged. Bible says man shud live 2 70. God dey.

Moving on I think Nigerians really want change. And Obama-esque type president. Not all this recycling. Well that's what I want.

I have soo much 2 say,
Was out on friday night. YAY.. Got into trouble with Oga.

Then I drove 2 d club and Alausa. And I promise all the boards kept saying Ibadan.

Ihave had so much kola nut, this ish isn't bitter anymore.

I'm meeting targets. This is making me feel really Good.

I miss eneni. I hope she is praying 4 me.

Went to the paintballing place. I have some bis idea, hit me up peoples.

My Nickname is pussyCat. No seriously all my uncles call me that. :( and I loved it till JJ came.

Ohhhh Friday was Doctor sids bday and I can say this with authority, in face u can quote me.

A) Genevie will not suffer if she marrys dbanj.
B) if don JaZzy runs 4 president he won't lose due to lack of funds.
C) there is NO reccession 4 the Nigerian entertainers.

These guys popped nothing less than 40 bottles that night. I kid you not. And with every bottle came 5 girls. Rehab musta been doing buy one bottle get 5 girls free.

I'm serious, it pained me that I don't drink champers. :( because they were sharing it like holy communion at d VIP.

I got my body butter AND 2 huge tubs of black soap. Yes ke I gatta get my sexy skin back on oo. Exams have almost finished.

Mock this weekend. Will determine if I'll write all 4 papers or not.

Today I actually used the phrase"its the God in me" and it felt quite good.

I got fragrance oil too. Body massages in d building.

Oh I'm an expert driver now. *insert F1 bbm emoticon*

Lol but really I'm good now.

I showered 2 use my soap and body butter.

I left it in d car, its more likr body groundnut oil.

Oh and my lovers temper doesn't Faze me anymore.

Its odd he just screams and screams and I sit there popping gum. Doing mental revision.

Now I'm positive I can see him in my future. God willing.

Anyways I've discovered the secret to dealing with men. I'll tell u but then I'd have 2 kill you.

But since I ‎​♥ my blog readers so. This is it:

IGNORE. I swear that is the secret. All of them are the same either ways.

Plus they are immensely attracted to women who don't have their time.

Yes thank me later. You are welcome in advance.
Back to kola and coke.

Xoxo ( sthg dramatic) lol


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