Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Yes. What goes around comes around.

And I promise you this is what will come to you.

I heard devastating news today. It literally broke my heart. In a million tiny pieces.

Shamed faced I'm one of those women who believe in "what the eyes don't see, the doesn't grieve over"

Not all men cheat. The same way not all women see Regular periods.

But the ones that do cheat, I expect them to at least keep a lid on their Mess.

My sister, My personal person. One the very few people I went to university with and I still speak too. Has acquired an IDIOT as a significant other.

I can't and Won't Divulge details because too many people actually know me personally and are gonna keep asking who it is. That's why I won't.

Why I can't is because I respect her privacy and I don't think she would appreciate the fact that I hate. Ok dislike ok can't stand her significant other.

I would never ask anyone to leave anyone else, but on this issue, I don't want her with him any more. She deserves soooooo much more than to be with this low life stupid sone of a Goat. Yes Goat. A bitch won't give birth to such a stupid person. What the hell??

This boy is such a huge piece of scum. He just disgusts me. And to think he has the guts to Add me to my  again, after the last time and then do it again?!!!

I'm sorry but I just don't understand. I know nothing is wrong with my friend.

Who thinks the world of you. My sister who has imagined spending forever with you.

I'm hurt when she says" I know but I love him" and I just want to smack her and. Get her her prince charming because you loser, it isn't you.

How Dare you embarrass her so. This is someone who in front of all your friends and all her disapproving friends opened her mouth and said she loved you. Yet this is how you chose to repay her.

I promise you, it is God that will deal with you, and when he is dealing with you, you will remember.

I pray for my friend, whose heart can't possibly break any further for the strength to leave you and toss you where you belong. The gutter. Or better still the slums.

What upsets me is that she refuses to. It kills me to watch her be disgraced publicly over and over while we all watch helpless because no1 can say anything because it isn't our business.

Well today I'm making it my business.

I am putting her in my Prayers. I am asking the same God who parted the Red sea for the isrealites to leave egyptn to create a route for her to leave you.

I am praying that the God of David that I serve will show himself faithful and open her eyes to how Useless you are. And what a waste of her precious time you have been.

I pray that God hardens her heart to not forgive you when you come back begging, because we all know you will come back begging. You stupid piece of shit.

I hate you for all the pain you have caused my sister. I hate that you have made her promises you were never capable of kEeping.

And I pray that karma be visited upon you in this particular fashion by she who you spend forever with.


And I shall continue to pray for my friend till she leaves you.

I'm sure you think its not that serious but it is. And I know WHEN she sees the light, she will leave you and God will bring her what he has in store for her. I believe the devil sent you to her. Only someone that does this kind of evil must clearly work for the devil. Just like you have shown.

And I would have thought I was over reacting but every single person has the same thing to say about you. You liying cheating Good for nothing, useless for everything, disgrace to manhood, waste of human space piece of skin.

The pain I feel now. Its truly Only God that can deal with you because....

I am so LIVID right now....


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