Thursday, September 29, 2016

Head of the house

So I buy water at home.

Not really buy more like take from my mum's house because she has a water factory and these are the dividends of labor.

so I get water from my mum's house to my own house.

But there are lapses often and it results in no water situation.

So on wednesday I am lamenting that there is no water ( in the Taps)

Eros being unusually passive aggressive said- yeah you are supposed to be handling that

Me: I meant no water to shower , not drinking water

Eros: Yes that has been since morning but there is still no drinking water and its your area. you are supposed to handle it.

Me; *sensing an argument that I do not need* OK. I'm not handling water again. Please you sort out water.

Him: NO. you have to handle it. you have been handling it since.

Me: You are the head of the house; please take responsibility for this water.

both of us: starts stifling laughter.

Him: I've told you, keep doing the water.

Me: Head of the house.

Him: Head of the house, says you should do the water. Honor your husband.

Me: Urgh Go to church, it is respect not Honor.

Him: Whatever- just keep doing the water.

Me: eyeroll.

ps: I loathe bridal showers. I think they are just a final waste of our time. None the less I am tasked with planning one for my sister.

Because (side eye to her friends)- I am finding out three very important things, I did not know because I am a salary earning soul- People do not like to pay for anything.

you give them small space- They do what they want.

I had initally done the wise thing to get a planner based on the budget I had envisioned when I asked people to pay.

Then it turns out people do not want to pay. AT ALL. So I have to scrap the planner and actually do this myself.

But slowly overcoming.

Glad I am skilled in budgeting and cash management. We are on course for the shower.

Although everything is so damn expensive- It is the dollar ma.

Look out for the photos on the blog and my Instagram.


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