Thursday, September 15, 2016

So Exactly what did you get up to in Lebanon?

Itunu asked as we were sorting through the items for delivery from her Sallah sale.

Me: well typically my day went like this, wake up,  eat breakfast, come back to the hotel room, have sex, shower, wait for my host to come and get me, go swimming in the ocean, eat lunch, come back to hotel more sex, shower get dressed to go out in the night. Go clubbing till about 4am.

Wash Rinse Repeat- basically.

She: so basically you are like pregnant now?

Me: OMG, I hope not, asides the fact that we can't afford it. My boobs have been acting funny.

I honestly think Leban was one of my most RESTFUL vacations. No work looming over me,

No random need to buy anything.

It was literally perfect.

Would I love to go again? YES please.

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