Monday, September 27, 2010

i Miss The Lover.

The title says it all. In all the ways imaginable. Like all the fucking possible ways. Its almost disgusting. *rolls eyes* I could explain how in detail, but I can't bother putting myself through that stress jare.
I was out on friday night. The 1st time out without the Lover in a looooong time. But I mean life goes on right?
*i must stop 2 say that I feel so so sorry for all the single ladies in lagos, the amount of Useless men that go clubbing is ridiculous*

So friday night I got all dolled up and things. Nails, hair. Tiny skirt and all that Jazz. And hit Marquee. I ran smack into my church member. I would type out the whole convo except I don't think its relevant 2 the koko of this post. Sha basically His mum had given him my number 2 kinda have lunch with me or sthg, since he just came back from his masters and he got a distinction and so on and so forth. He sha managed 2 scream all this into my ears at despite the loud music. I just said yeah like the (Y) smiley thumbs up and things and ran away. No need explaining 2 your drunk church member that you have a Lover at the top of your Voice.

Fastforward to 2 seconds later. I ran smack into Mr AA. * I swear Eneni and Nengi I'm not going to Marquee again ahn ahn* Mr AA is practically my uncle.
*if you are Nigerian, you'll know that your friend's uncle is your uncle and blah blah blah*

So I left marquee after running into what 5 of the Lovers friends. LoL.

Anyways we ( my friends and I) headed to bacchus. And there the fun began. Saw a LOT of people. And I found a dance partner for the night. After a while, I began 2 miss my lover. :( and I just sat down and started staring, and tweeting and staring. Truly sad stuff.

Anyways I got past that funk and started dancing, but by then the make shift dance partners' sex partner had arrived, *i know this because I noticed him looking around and I snatched his  and looked at it* by the way it is Amazing what an ass like mine helps you get away with at the club. LoL.

Yeah yeah so after I left, I didn't feel like going 2 Rehab and mingling with under-age kids, so I went home. ALONE.
If anyone drinks alcohol. The least you can do for yourself is not go home alone. *this is why people call their ex's*

So I went home alone and fucking pissed off. Because I had 2 sleep alone. Like I had no one in my Bed. Fucking disgusting. *made a mental note to ask the Lover for a teddy bear or sthg*
Yeah so the next day I woke up by 10am alone again, in my bed.

And I could go on and on, but it was a drab weekend. The closest thing I got to action, was some girl that grabbed my ass to check if it was real, because it looked fake??
Yes I allowed her because I have started entertaining lesbian fantasies.

Ok I kid. I haven't I'm a cock lady.

But yeah its been 2 weeks now. And I'm running mad. For someone I see 3times a week. Every week. This is a cold turkey as cold turkey gets.
But then everything Reminds me of him. Every single thing. It annoys me to bits.

Like for instance how a song comes on and I know how long it takes 4 the instrumentals come on because he told me??

Him being out of town. Means I'm bored. Bored outta my mind.
And I hate being Bored.
Contemplating getting boyfriend number 2 or sthg. Because I am an attention Whore, and this supposed LDR I found myself in, is just not Werking. *rolls eyes*

But my darling Debo took me out on sunday :) and gave me sthg to look forward to on friday. Sthg so hot I have my ass in the gym everyday for 2hours. After all this I need my body to be looking like Video vixen "Super Heads'" own.

Ok I need 2 stop now. I still can't tell my Lover how much I miss him. Pride does come before a fall. I just need 2 make sure I'm falling over the right body. LoL.
I have also bought a ticket. Yes so soon I shall stop crying about this ish. Till then I miss my lover. And since I can't or rather won't tell him.
I shall blog about it. :)

A Proud

#np Crazy Kci $ Jojo.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Aka Long Distance Relationships, are from the Devil.
Nobody can convince me otherwise.

I am depressed, I have exprienced withdrawal symptoms. And I seem to forget. That my Lover is gone. :(

Today after school when I went 2 buy sharwama. I kinda forgot he wasn't around and bought the same amount I usually buy. Now I'm stuck with 2 extra and no one 2 give. *sigh*

Not forgetting my uber free weekends.too much time. Maybe I should get into some trouble.

So now I'm watching House. And I wish Dr cuddy and Greg House would just get together already.

The Lover taught me TV. How 2 buy Dvds and watch. Compulsively.
I miss him to tiny lickel lickle bits.

Offcourse I'd never tell him this. I say I'm doing fine.

Because I think I am. Or I hope so anyways. *sigh*

Monday, September 13, 2010

updated Buisness Plan

i know we are ina recsession, but the music yall are making is gonna bring back/ put us in the great depression.- jayZ.

well i know we are in a recession so i decided to tweak my business plan a lickle bit. well not a little bit but you get my point. and i can see only three ways to tho that.i still wanna make partner at 30/35 lateste. but mennn babes have gatta make that cash nowwww. and since i cant sing, or dance, or model, or design clothes or take pictures. i have come up with these 3.

1. politics. i am WILLING to go to china to print shirts, facecaps, biros, note pads, plastic buckets you name it, for the up coming elections. i tweeeted this last night and a lot of people thot i was playing, when my cash comes rolling in. remeber the 12th commandment. " thou shall not beg" especially for stolen money via polictical contracts. it doesnt matter though because i am not giving out my hard earned money. so please if your father is a politican, your mother a 1st lady. hell if ur aristo is a senator, hook me up, i prmose not 2 steal your aristo. all i want is a legit contract.

1b. the 50th birthday celebration. excussssssseeeeeeeee ME!!! but have you seen the budget for the 50th birthday celebration. i dont know about you but that right there, that is the Original NATIONAL MOI MOI! dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

2. its to go into the aristo business. you see, the major problem(s) with this aristo business is/ areplenty.

1. i am the spitting image of my mother.
2. my mother is a major loan aprrover for quite a number of aristos i know.
3. so this means they are going to be spending my mothers' banks money( i really dont mind)
4. except when thier names are printed on news papers they will expect me to out in a goood word with the mother 2 bail them out.
5. offcourse i cant and wont do that because i am not excepted 2 even know these people.
6. and that my readers is how a city people headline is born.
and no i do not want to be a city people headliner. well not till i am a lagos big girl anyways.

3. and probably the one my mother will aprrove of. marry rich.
yes so please wich unmarried uncles, with no kids preferably. well if there are kids, max of two preferably from different women. ( that way i'll be able 2 pick an ally) must own a private jet, and get me a pent house apartment in banana island. preferbaly not igbo. and i would like if he is an only child.
note* uncle used here refers to your fathers friend, who has been in america all his life, now has a green card and is back because his father just recently passed and he inherited a shit load of money.

ehn this uncles father that just died, would have no uncle so there would be no contender with me for the wealth. by the way he must not be igbo/yorua/hause. i would like a middle belt-ish dude.
age range greater than 30 but less than 50.
please hook a sister up. and a nice sizable commission, payable in anual installments awaits you.

in other unrelated news. happy birthday to benniebooo! i had teww much fun and thanks for having me.

i visited spar this weekend. nice place. i like. and it is waaaaiitt for itt... cheaper than palms :) *dancing alanta*

also got my hair did, apparently it looks like hair that costs 55k. aka fifty five thousand Naira.
aka that is a shit load of money... which off course is why i have 2 marry rich. i amtired of my friends making me take them to the market 2 show them where i buy my hair and tinzzz.

or maybe i should sell brazilian hair.

a money on my mind.
Pussy Kat.x

Monday, September 6, 2010

This High

i think Monday gets me on some high. *sorry womilee* but seriously. i am happy on mondays. actually very happy. its indescribable.( forgive my spelling)

anyways i met someone yesterday, and she asked when i was getting married.

i screeched and said ahn but im just * insert approriate small girl age here*
she looked at me and said, life carries us on a course, wether or not you are ready.
you have finished school, and you have finished Nysc. even if you do a masters, marriage is definately on the table. you cant avoid it.

and i realised that its true, i cant avoid the truth anymore. i am the prime candidate for marriage.
yes i am a "somewhat" serious relationship. BUT this girl is NOT ready for marriage.

i just feel like i am not ready.
except everyone else in my family thinks i am. especially my uncles.

everytime i make them dinner, they say the same thing. ahhhhh your husband must pay dollars for us.

add that with the fact that i have a serious commimtment problem. mixed with the fact that i would be leaving for a masters degree next year. maybe i should have just gone this year. *sigh*

even the high monday gives me cant fix this.

a very "not ready for marriage"

Ps. i have this friend that i offended, unknowingly, because of how much allowance i give to people, i somehow except the same for them, and i keep forgetting not everyone is as non-chalant about some stuff like me.
so even though she said its ok, and she smiled and said she had forgiven me.
i know she is still mad. i know she hasnt forgiven me
and i dont know how 2 handle it. i mean i have apologized and she said its ok. but we both know it is not ok. *sigh* so suggestions are welcome.


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