Monday, September 27, 2010

i Miss The Lover.

The title says it all. In all the ways imaginable. Like all the fucking possible ways. Its almost disgusting. *rolls eyes* I could explain how in detail, but I can't bother putting myself through that stress jare.
I was out on friday night. The 1st time out without the Lover in a looooong time. But I mean life goes on right?
*i must stop 2 say that I feel so so sorry for all the single ladies in lagos, the amount of Useless men that go clubbing is ridiculous*

So friday night I got all dolled up and things. Nails, hair. Tiny skirt and all that Jazz. And hit Marquee. I ran smack into my church member. I would type out the whole convo except I don't think its relevant 2 the koko of this post. Sha basically His mum had given him my number 2 kinda have lunch with me or sthg, since he just came back from his masters and he got a distinction and so on and so forth. He sha managed 2 scream all this into my ears at despite the loud music. I just said yeah like the (Y) smiley thumbs up and things and ran away. No need explaining 2 your drunk church member that you have a Lover at the top of your Voice.

Fastforward to 2 seconds later. I ran smack into Mr AA. * I swear Eneni and Nengi I'm not going to Marquee again ahn ahn* Mr AA is practically my uncle.
*if you are Nigerian, you'll know that your friend's uncle is your uncle and blah blah blah*

So I left marquee after running into what 5 of the Lovers friends. LoL.

Anyways we ( my friends and I) headed to bacchus. And there the fun began. Saw a LOT of people. And I found a dance partner for the night. After a while, I began 2 miss my lover. :( and I just sat down and started staring, and tweeting and staring. Truly sad stuff.

Anyways I got past that funk and started dancing, but by then the make shift dance partners' sex partner had arrived, *i know this because I noticed him looking around and I snatched his  and looked at it* by the way it is Amazing what an ass like mine helps you get away with at the club. LoL.

Yeah yeah so after I left, I didn't feel like going 2 Rehab and mingling with under-age kids, so I went home. ALONE.
If anyone drinks alcohol. The least you can do for yourself is not go home alone. *this is why people call their ex's*

So I went home alone and fucking pissed off. Because I had 2 sleep alone. Like I had no one in my Bed. Fucking disgusting. *made a mental note to ask the Lover for a teddy bear or sthg*
Yeah so the next day I woke up by 10am alone again, in my bed.

And I could go on and on, but it was a drab weekend. The closest thing I got to action, was some girl that grabbed my ass to check if it was real, because it looked fake??
Yes I allowed her because I have started entertaining lesbian fantasies.

Ok I kid. I haven't I'm a cock lady.

But yeah its been 2 weeks now. And I'm running mad. For someone I see 3times a week. Every week. This is a cold turkey as cold turkey gets.
But then everything Reminds me of him. Every single thing. It annoys me to bits.

Like for instance how a song comes on and I know how long it takes 4 the instrumentals come on because he told me??

Him being out of town. Means I'm bored. Bored outta my mind.
And I hate being Bored.
Contemplating getting boyfriend number 2 or sthg. Because I am an attention Whore, and this supposed LDR I found myself in, is just not Werking. *rolls eyes*

But my darling Debo took me out on sunday :) and gave me sthg to look forward to on friday. Sthg so hot I have my ass in the gym everyday for 2hours. After all this I need my body to be looking like Video vixen "Super Heads'" own.

Ok I need 2 stop now. I still can't tell my Lover how much I miss him. Pride does come before a fall. I just need 2 make sure I'm falling over the right body. LoL.
I have also bought a ticket. Yes so soon I shall stop crying about this ish. Till then I miss my lover. And since I can't or rather won't tell him.
I shall blog about it. :)

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