Sunday, September 19, 2010


Aka Long Distance Relationships, are from the Devil.
Nobody can convince me otherwise.

I am depressed, I have exprienced withdrawal symptoms. And I seem to forget. That my Lover is gone. :(

Today after school when I went 2 buy sharwama. I kinda forgot he wasn't around and bought the same amount I usually buy. Now I'm stuck with 2 extra and no one 2 give. *sigh*

Not forgetting my uber free weekends.too much time. Maybe I should get into some trouble.

So now I'm watching House. And I wish Dr cuddy and Greg House would just get together already.

The Lover taught me TV. How 2 buy Dvds and watch. Compulsively.
I miss him to tiny lickel lickle bits.

Offcourse I'd never tell him this. I say I'm doing fine.

Because I think I am. Or I hope so anyways. *sigh*

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