Monday, September 6, 2010

This High

i think Monday gets me on some high. *sorry womilee* but seriously. i am happy on mondays. actually very happy. its indescribable.( forgive my spelling)

anyways i met someone yesterday, and she asked when i was getting married.

i screeched and said ahn but im just * insert approriate small girl age here*
she looked at me and said, life carries us on a course, wether or not you are ready.
you have finished school, and you have finished Nysc. even if you do a masters, marriage is definately on the table. you cant avoid it.

and i realised that its true, i cant avoid the truth anymore. i am the prime candidate for marriage.
yes i am a "somewhat" serious relationship. BUT this girl is NOT ready for marriage.

i just feel like i am not ready.
except everyone else in my family thinks i am. especially my uncles.

everytime i make them dinner, they say the same thing. ahhhhh your husband must pay dollars for us.

add that with the fact that i have a serious commimtment problem. mixed with the fact that i would be leaving for a masters degree next year. maybe i should have just gone this year. *sigh*

even the high monday gives me cant fix this.

a very "not ready for marriage"

Ps. i have this friend that i offended, unknowingly, because of how much allowance i give to people, i somehow except the same for them, and i keep forgetting not everyone is as non-chalant about some stuff like me.
so even though she said its ok, and she smiled and said she had forgiven me.
i know she is still mad. i know she hasnt forgiven me
and i dont know how 2 handle it. i mean i have apologized and she said its ok. but we both know it is not ok. *sigh* so suggestions are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

it isnt a one-off process bt wit time am sure she will get over

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