Monday, October 31, 2011

food for thought.

In as much as ive never hidden the fact that i have always wanted to model,

I quite like my day job, and im pretty good at it.

I want to make partner and buy out my firm, put my name on that letter head paper type shit.

I mean i cant sing or dance or walk right( cause of my reccurent left knee patella dislocation)ever
hence i cant model. and i walk with a slight spring in my step.

But i can balance the hell out of an account.

Cash flows are my babies, and preparing accounts- piece of cake.

My cousin and his friends used to mock me that if i get high my weird thing ( apparently everyone has one) would be to open an accounts text book and balance the shit outta it.

( I have never smoked weed, I am scared shitless of stuff that make me lose control)

so when i saw this article, it got me thinking... If i did lose my Day Job.. What am i going to get up too?

Because of this im off to learn a handwork, be it sewing o, or hair dressing. or something random.

Although i have an awesome taste in Music AND i would be a kick ass dee jay.

so Food for thought yall.. yay or nay to 9-5's?

Sunday, October 30, 2011


This year has been amazing.

I Have so much to be thankful for.

Too much sef.

God has been too good to me.

I have been blessed beyond measure, if i say want to use all the strands of hair on my head as tongues to thank him, best believe it still would not be enough.
Thank you Lord.

You have been too kind. And i am more than thankful.

I get teary eyed, when i have to look back at where God has brought my Family and I from.

We have too much to be thankful.

And father i am thankful.

... Sounds like a Tush frog

I can not sing to save anybody talk less of my own life.

But Eneni wanted Karaoke, so we gave her karaoke... Lagos style.

I had too much fun last night.

Shout out to all the girls that came through.

Also special extra special shout out to the yummy yellow boy that is going to drive mt to join my church choir.

When we walked in, he was sitting alone singing Sinatra's i did it my way.

and Negro was Killing it. Infact he was over killing it.

Infact never has the urge to be friends with someone ever been that strong for me. ever.

I actually hate new people so tryna make new friends sans a mutual friend- is most likely impossible.

But my girls and i turned into famz and joined him.

Turns out the Queen Famz knew him so we were covered.

However Negro drives on the other side of the road. :(

and is Yellow.

But it was such an amazing night. I wish i could bottle it up and sip the memories everytime im low.


Def one of the best weekends in a while.

And i killed it at the wedding.

One lady said a picture i took is the kind people use to find husband.

thats how yummy i looked. :)

Today i went to see the lover.

Its Odd how i dont see him for a week and when i see him. it hits me how much i missed him.

Very odd.

I miss you boo. ( he doesnt read this so im cool)



Ive found an excuse to go to my office tomorrow so i can use style to show my new birthday in the office.

It is actually that nice.

Today i was strong, i went to ICF with Oyinkan and her girlies, AND i remained strong and ordered chicken & sweet corn soup. and i did not buy chinese or muffins or any of those things.

I am really proud of myself.

Because i suspect i am a closet foodie. :(

Friday, October 28, 2011


So i got my hair braided. and it looks good. i quite like it.

its also really colored.

BUT it hurts too much when i attempt to dutty wine with it.

so maybe next weekend then.

My gurl Eneni is in for the weekend!

and she brought my birthday present!!!!!

Old friends Rock!

#sidebar New friends should seize this opportunity to rock and buy me Presents!

You are now reading the blog of a proud new owner of Zaron pallet!!!!

Im sooo excited.

I love her and Nengi so much. they are practically my sisters!

However thier extermely hot brother Teks is NOT my brother.

( hey teks if you read this, we should kick it (read as get drinks) sometime- in the near future like say tomorrow, after the wedding?)
LOL jk.

However I'd like to know when Deji Fanta got that Hot.

Onto more important things, like how fabulous i shall be looking tomorrow.

I actually have 3 dresses and i have NO idea which to wear.

I need to stop living outta my suit case.

Well in my defense, its just one suitcase now.

I have managed to unpack the other one- into the current suitcase.


I amuse myself sometimes.

My hair is freaking gorge and its exciting me

If i knew Ghana weaving would make me look like good, You know i would have been on it since 19 60 gbelele.

but it chops front hair so im just gonna make the most outta it.

However this is really spesh to me because i
1) made it under the Ikeja bridge.

Ok not really under, more like opposite under the bride.

2) It was MORE expensive than i would have paid

at the salon at Aguda where i usually braid my hair.

3) I managed to forget my wallet at home when i went to make my hair

which i kinda didnt notice until i had 2 pay for sthg after they had started my hair and i could turn back, so i basically called my home gurl ( Shout out to D) who didnt have cash, but asked her Man to give my driver which i sent to go and pick it up.
Oh and D if you are reading this, there is no way im driving to GRA on a saturday so yeah, you'll get ur cash on Monday.

4) My Lover totally hearts braids and all that jazz, he thinks they are uber sexy. i think i agree.

I am seriously giving off dominatrix vibes when i pack it into a pony tail.

and its yansh length.

I swear this Ghana weaving can do no wrong in my eye.

oh probably except the fact that my hair is due and the life span is 2 weeks.


and yes, i realise how self absorbed this post is.
speaking of hair

My home girl Anu went Natural and is even more self absorbed than me, she decided to blog about it.

go on -----> copy and past that into your browser.

Im yet to find someone that liberated by cutting off her hair.

But then what do i know? i cut mine when i was 18,

I think as long as you feel good, with relaxed, or natural or "ghana weave" hair, you are beautiful.

ok gatta catch some beauty winks to look super great tomorrow!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I think we enable the men in our society to be dependents.

I look at my 21 year old brother, who is still living at home, who every thing is done for.

At 13, i was a frequent visitor to oyingbo market, i was cooking and what not.

I go to the market now sparingly because i have a maid( who is probably as useless as my brother)

But the point is, i was raised washing plates- that my brother used to eat

Making the bed- That he slept on

Sweeping the palor - that he and his friends came to play game in.

and basically picking up after him.

Infact my Mother would scream at me, if any thing happened to my brother.

And now she complains that he isnt accountable.

Because he has never been accountable for anything.

and all the while my mother would be screaming about how i intend to go and disgrace her in my husbands house if i burn stew.

One day im going to tell her" My husband probably cant cook -except indome- whatever i cook, he would eat"

- when i move into my husbands house off course.

So im wondering Who do we blame for men that are dependent, the men?

Or the mothers who babied them all their lives?

- This still applies to my grandmother and my Uncles, you should see how she pets them. *vom*

just thought to share this.

as usual while im at work and looking at countless excel sheet of numbers doing my head in.
ok thats a lie, today ive only looked at one.

i was also surfing the web. this is what i found.

"If you let it, perfectionism will rob you of peace, plus the joy of whatever you’ve accomplished so far. The sportswear manufacturer Fila took out a full-page ad in a newspaper to honour its NBA All-Star spokesman, Grant Hill, and, at the same time, take a swipe at the pressure young people feel today to be perfect. The ad pictures Hill surrounded by this text: ‘This year Grant Hill led his team in scoring, rebounding, assists and steals, led his team back into the playoffs, led the league in All-Star balloting, earned a place on the Olympic team, didn’t punch an official, didn’t demand a contract extension, was never tardy, was always cordial, didn’t dump his high school friends, listened to his mother, remembered the doorman at Christmas, made his bed daily, promised to take shorter showers in an effort to conserve water, got plenty of sleep, didn’t hurt a fly, organised his thoughts, chose paper over plastic, appeared fully clothed in interviews, improved his vocabulary, counted his blessings, said nice things about his teammates, fed coins into other people’s parking meters, kept his thermostat at sixty-eight, practised what he preached, actually paid attention to the stewardess’s emergency flight instructions, donated a kidney – and vowed to do better next year.’ Now, let’s get serious. There will always be areas of your life that need improvement; you will never ‘arrive’. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stop and savour the moment, or celebrate the miles already covered and say to yourself, ‘I’m not all that I should be, but I’m better than I used to be. I’m all right, and I’m on my way.’"

As i turn a year older this year. i say to myself. im not all that i should be, but im waaay better than i used to be. Im VERY alright, and im on my way to becoming who i am going to be.

I get Uber emo when my birthday comes around. *sniff*

Im also a reformed cry baby.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On this Marriage tip


so im at work and crawling Bella Naija, when i came across this

its ok, you dont have to click the link, i am going to tell you what happened there.

so basically the writer got this bbm broadcast

Emeka and his wife Ada have been living in a supposedly rented duplex in VI for the past ten years. He just recently discovered that for the past 10 yrs, the house they had been living in belonged to his wife and they had been paying rent to an agent with normal yearly increases and the money goes to Ada. What would u do if u were in Emeka’s shoes?

And she requested commenters views.

and we all know how dramatic BN commenters are by now. if you dont know, there is a nice box of last waiting for you.

so basically these are my 2 most favourite comments ( i know that didnt even sound right to me)

Tiki October 19, 2011 at 7:05 PM

If I was a man, and Ada’s husband, that marriage is over. Let me tell you why.
1. For Ada to be the landlady, and not tell him, is pure deceit and greed. I assume that the man contributed to the rent, and maybe even paid all of it. I assume that there were days when paying the rent was a problem, and they had to go without some other thing to be able to afford it. I mean, the BBM talks about normal yearly increases. Not only did Ada sit by her husband and murmur platitudes when he worried about the rent, but she did that while snickering ‘You go pay my money, whether you like it or not’ in her heart. I bet you she even encouraged her husband to go without something he really wanted, so that he could pay the rent…to her.
2. For Ada to team up with an agent, and use the agent as a front to collect rent from her husband, is the worst kind of disrespect ever. NOBODY can tell me that the husband was never an object of ridicule behind his back , for paying rent to his wife without his knowledge. How can you love someone, and humiliate them like that, moreso in front of strangers?
3. I don’t care if she bought the house, built it, or inherited it. If she had property, it is her place to tell her husband. It is women like this who make marriage hard for other honest ladies who are willing to give it their all. If you cannot trust your guy, why marry him? especially, why marry him THEN deceive him? Does that make you better or worse than him? Why marry somebody, exchange bodily fluids, tie your life to theirs and make them the parent of your children, share spiritual, emotional, and yes financial ties…and you can’t tell them you have property?
I don’t care how many times Ada may have been hurt – she should value her marriage and her husband, more than she values her bank balance. Period.

ps. everything I just said, would equally apply if the shoe was on the other foot.

second one.

Lailai!!! We are looking at their lives from outside. No one knows what she saw in him that made her decide to do such. For her to have done that for 10yrs could mean all through out their marriage something was up, and she had to make sure they were on leveled grounds without him knowing. Or she didn’t know how to break the truth to him, and in order to keep up the charade, she had to increase the rent according to the market price that way he won’t be suspicious. It happens.
Sometimes, men can be a bit mull-headed about things. Maybe from the beginning, he couldn’t afford a home in VI, and she didn’t to live else where…thus the beginning of the lie (selfish, yup). Or maybe he wanted a home badly in VI and could not afford it, so she concocted a lie to make him happy.
Many men are very uncomfortable when the wife is the wealthier one in the family. Even worse, the owner of the home. So really, if the case were that she did it mainly to keep his pride in check and allow him to be the MAN of the home, then it was a selfless act.
When you think about it from that point of view, the man should be thanking his God. Assuming she wasn’t bugging him for cash, the money he paid yearly for their home would probably go in to feeding allowance, kids clothing, upkeep of their home, and cash to take care of her personal expense. Some don’t realize that once they sum up the total amount of the petty cash that goes out of their pocket every week to maintain their homes, it surpasses the cost that goes in to renting their home.

ok i lied, i have 3. this is the absolute bestest one!

Will October 19, 2011 at 8:06 PM
The reason why he has not built his own house is the same reason why he is living in a rented apartment secretly owned by his wife. The fact that she can conveniently & confidently do this means one thing, she is in absolute control. Further justifying my suspicion that some concoction from the underworld has been involved all along. Look, this case is ver simple! Emeka is married to the devil, whose only mission is to steal, kill & destroy! Only God can deliver him enerstly from this folly, for him to ever make it in life. Sigh*…………………………………WOMAAAAAN!

trust them to involve jazz. gatta love Nollywood effect.

actually there are a lot more. you know what BN consider this PR. yall should click the link

there it is again. incase yall are exactly like me and too lazy to scroll up.

My Opinion.

Emeka should be thankful. Very thankful.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I hate

I hate when i watch a movie or an episode of a Tv series im currently watching

reminds me of the lover.

Im currently watching the White Collar.

and season 3 episode 8 Neil Caffery( a con artiste) also the character whom the series

is built around has a love interest. Sarah( insurance repo).

basically she finds out that he stole art worth millions and then left him.

but before she walked out, he said to her" you knew who i was before we got involved"

and she said " Yes, you live in the clouds, while i live on 34th street"

and she walked out.

A lot of times When i argue with the lover, it comes down to this.

Me knowing he was a certain way and deciding to date him and him getting mad because

i hate that he is a certain way 4 years later.

I dont know if im making any sense.

But i wonder if the next time we have an argument and he brings up the " you know this is who i am line"

i would be strong enough to be like sarah.

and walk away.

and i probably wouldnt be able to.

And. I. Hate. That.

White collar is amazing btw.

Just another random day.

"If you want to start a blog, let it be an extension of yourself. Let it reflect your personality. If you don’t have a personality, then start a website and hire/partner with writers who have personality. If you aren’t doing that, then you need to at least find something to differentiate yourself. Create exclusive content. Unless your best friend is Drake and he’s sending you new songs directly, it’ll be difficult to compete with blogs who are part of the New Music Cartel. So let’s explore other ideas."- Culture Evi.

that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I still havent been to the gym in ages, yes i am hiding from that man. i know its a total loser move. But i really have no idea what to do.

My birthday is coming. and i have decided to stop requesting pressies. i know. just randomly im now on that, if you love me, spoil me tip- i aint gonna beg.

Although i would, scratch that, may may may be having a nizzzze house parry.

i however have no idea what to get myself this year. *sigh*

i really need a holiday. i miss being in Uni.

Who would have thought, i would never be able to stay on the phone till 4 am because i have work the next day.

I met the man that may soon become my Step Father.

and i like him. although we havent spent much time together.
I like him because i see how happy he makes my Mummy.
she deserves all the happiness in the world.

speaking of fathers, i was over at the lovers on sunday making Mac and cheese, when i was done, he tasted it and asked me to offer his father some.

That right there is the most awkward shit ever.

i mean i am all for getting into the good books of my Lovers parents, but offering food- nah son.

its too soon.

Or im just not ready to delve into that just yet.

there are some things you just cant get back from.

Im actually really excited about my upcoming birthday. i feel like somebody is gonna give me a Bentley or something equally as fancy, although lets be honest, there is nothing as fancy as a bentley. not like i need a new car or anything, the Kia works fine.

One more thing ive observed about me. i am good a good to go type person. i dont know if this is good, or bad, but its me.

for instance, while everybody is all over something, lets say a particular dress, im like yah whatevez, im not naked so im good to go.

i got this from my mum, thats the exact same attitude she has, to everything, its probably the reason she has plenty money (inside joke)

she says things like, if you see the sitting room of my subordinates, and you see my own you will be shocked, me as long as there is chair, im happy.

and thats the type of person i am. but sometimes i wonder if having expensive tastes is good.

or if loving something so much that i would starve to buy it is okay.

In uni i had this room mate who used to say she would rather buy clothes with her pocket money then starve.

I thought she was mad, till i encountered people who did stuff like that, ALOT.

for the record i think they are all mad.

or maybe i should just be thankful that the thing i would starve myself over, doesn't have material value.

Any ways, i got to work early today. :) before anybody else!!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Im strange.

i think i have to get a new gym.

I also know that i am strange.

Game night is tomorrow, and instead of me to be buying drinks.

the lover and I are off to dinner.

smh at myself.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Party Planning and other things.

I'm currently attempting to draft a list of people that I intend to have over at my game night on thursday.

Why Thursday?

Friday is gym night. PLUS the mother returns 1st flight on saturday. and guess who is going to get her from the airport?


So for games night, all i need is alcohol and the game and disposable cups.

I may have involved small chops but nah men, - e too cost.

so prally just biscuits and alcohol and the cups and mixers. i am excited!

So it also turns out i have a very familiar face..

Security at clients site walked up to me and asked IF I WENT TO IGBOBI COLLEGE.
Nothing is wrong with attending Igbobi college o- I know people that went there.

But cammaaaan. really i look familiar and did i attend Igbobi. i know for one it wasnt a mixed school. so i just laughed and said okay.

Planning games night is so tedious, i need a party planner.

OK im just gonna consider games night the test run for my Birthday house parry.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


My friend A, just sent this to me randomly on bbm today.

" You are a very peculiar woman O. You can imagine how much this irks me( Joking) to say this but you are really awesome ( when you look beyond your great diva-ness- lol). Your (rather expansive) grasp of things around you and your informed appreciation for things from rap to football to politics, makes you a rather unique lady. I'm very proud of you as a friend. I just thought you should know that"

* turns of background violin music*

When people ask me how i can sleep at night being who i am, i should show them this message.

It totally blew me away.

I literally had to rinse my self. this washing was too much.

But thank you A. now if this pride can translate itself into one of the things on my birthday wishlist.

lol jk.

Hi Rihanna.


I hate how unhappy Men make women feel sometimes.

I loathe it.

And it saddens me.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Notebook

yes yes i agree i am lifting the heavier last on this issue.

Oyinkan is carrying the most sha, because she still hasnt seen the movie.

Today at work, i got bored and decided to watch the note book.

Since my bladder is behind my eyes- all my gangster went away.

i cried and cried and cried. someone would think i got fired.


It was just so sad. and sweet and the kind of love that i now know for a fact probably doesnt exist.

but im so impressionable, i really should refrain from watching these movies.

they screw up my love psyche.

not like i even have a love psyche or anything. they just help you built castles in the air about certain things that make you forget about your own bungalow that is on the ground jejely.

Need to fight that.

All men are the same, no good men, no bad men.

Just good women.

I havent been married before, BUT i have received enough martial advice in the last one year from every woman ( both married, unmarried, divorced, seprated, second wife, sade okoya-esque wife) in my line of sight to come to this conclusion.

I know when people have issues. Im not stupid and i dont pretend to act like they dont.

I am that person, who is probably not your friend, but would listen to you when you literally have no one else to talk to.

Because i am Honest. i am that one person who has no problem pointing out the fact that you are a side chick. or that you are doing something wrong.

However i am not strong enough i have never been to say get out of that relationship, or you deserve better. ( mainly because only you knows what you deserve)

i had previously mentioned how i cant not run my mouth when it comes to trifling men abi?

ehn the same way i cant not just want to reach out and hug some one who i know is in pain because i can.

Maybe this is my calling.

I have so much to be thankful for

1. i wore a red belt today AND my senior or manager didnt come in today.
violating dress codes arent healthy.

2. My lover and i were supposed to go out to dinner today, but i dont know if i want to eat out tonight.

3. My weave is really nice ive been checking the internet for it soo tayyy. still havent found it.

4. My birthday party, or rather my birthday. i turn 2* this year. *gasp*

i am getting old. however i dont know if i want to have a party or dinner or come chop or sthg at home.

i have too many friends in too many circles( read as different clique of girls that loathe each other) so having like a birthday dinner would be waaay too expensive.

A house party is seriously being considered, although my birthday is on a weekday AND i dont understand people that have parties like on days that arent their birthdays. like whats the point?

The mother dearest has offered to take me out to chinese, i dont know if i should just take the money and be on my way.

although i have been itching for an ikoyi club party at the pool for ages.

i know eventually i would do nothing all day but collect presents.


By the way i saw that lay it on me video. kelly's body be banging yooo.

I was a skinny rat all my life till like the last 2 years where i miraculously filled out in all the right ( ass, boobs and thighs) and wrong ( stomach and arms) places.
so i have now become a gym rat trying to some how lose the belly and arms without loosing the yansh.

basically this is proving a lot more difficult than i envisioned. i would choose curvy me over skinny me, anytime. the male attention is over-whelming,

this may be one of the reasons. but i really like that i can make my booty clap and wear jeggins and have people being extra helpful.

I dont know what kind of person this makes me, but i like it.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

OMG But you are sooooo Dark.

I giggle and reply, i've never been a light person- what are you on about?

Whenever i meet people for the 1st time, especially females, They comment on my skin shade.

They say " you are quite dark o"

I find it amusing. Ive never been Light skinned, so i dont understand their shock.

Maybe i seem/ speak/come across like a light person.

The same way people cant believe im tall.

Or cant believe im not a size 16- With the way i go on and on about my weight.

My point is this, Nothing is wrong with being dark.

especially if you have really bad skin like yours truly.

But Whenever i see some dark sinned people bleach themselves

Im confused.

There was this girl in my Uni MRS, in year 1 she was probably as dark as me.

Now she is probably as light as Nadia Buari.

I saw her naked the other day and was disgusted.

Green and red veins criss crossed, back of her knees

Blackened knuckles

Black stretch marks

She looked a mess and a half.

Is bleaching worth it?

Do girls really feel not beautiful because they are dark skinned?

Would i feel more beautiful If i was light skinned?

No. I would feel extremely beautiful if i had clear skin.

So yesterday at the party i Deejay'd for, i was a bit late due to other stuff.

Thats how My uncle said i could make some extra cash on the side with this DJ gig.

I said oh no thank you.

Uncle Reggie( one of my Uncles friends) said: E be like say your guy they sort you out well. pepper rest for the guy hand abi? *

Uncle CY laughed and said no mind these ones, them no dey pay rent.

I like hanging out with them. they are sooo street. and they all turned out so well.

Its just a testimony to the fact that you can be dirt poor and turn yourself around**

So I also got saddled with Taking someone out this weekend. so whoohoo to friday and drinks!!

Gats Ginger Debo.

Oh and i did tell My mum about the Incident at the club.

She said all Men are useless.

* Because my mother is from warri, we always speak pidgin whenever her siblings are around.

** My Mother grew up dirt poor. Like one room with seven children kinda poor.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Questions People Ask.

What would you do if your Lover left you?


I dont know. i have never considered him leaving me.
Because i wouldnt know what to do.
But im sure i would be fine.

- I dont think thats what most people want to hear.

They want tears, and hate and anger and whatever.

I tell myself and them, " its a great relationship, if he wants out, there is nothing i can do about it"

Nothing i'd even want to do about it.

They think i'm mad. hell even i think im mad sometimes.

But hey, Loves makes you mad. No?

I see people wanting to be happy with SO's. thirsty and needy.

I tell them they all need " the business".

If you are unhappy with yourself, somebody else cant bring you happiness.

Even if they were mother theresa. You'd still be sad.

I think Self love should be a course in University/ies. too many people walking around with issues that stem from nothing.

Like they are in some damn tyler perry movie.

being overtly dramatic, all because they lack self love.

What i've learnt.
Relationships are hardwork.
Probably the hardest thing for someone like me, who has always had her way.
Compromise, Probably the 2nd hardest.
Being alone, the third.
Thats why you gatta have your own thing. so When you have to be alone, because he wants to watch football with his friends, you dont die of paranoia.

You have to be patient, lots and lots of patience, Not everyone would know how to Love you- Which is why you muct know how to lovw your self.

Albert E- If you cant explain it, then you dont understand it.

If you dont know how to love yourself, You cant teach anybody how to love you.

Which is sad, because you have just one mother, you gatta teach everyone else how to love/treat you. especially the one person who you are with most of your waking hours.

You have to let go. no point holding back- if it doesnt work out. It didnt work out.

Dust yourself up and try again.

And for fucks sake smile- You arent hawking Akara under ikeja Bridge.

( I should take this advise, Im always squeezing my face like somebody they gave shit to eat).


I went into work today and this Manager, asked me for my Number,

He said he had missed me.

I swear i must be like an Aristo Magnet or something.

Tbh that shit freaks me out.

Why are you missing a random staff in your firm that you have never worked with?

Older men that chase younger women, lack self respect. looking for validation with a Younger woman would only make you broke.
AND, even if you gat it, Deeep down inside you know its tricking.

so I managed to leave the office without giving him my number.

But i know he wont stop till he gets it.

I hate how men cant channel the persistence they use to chase women who are offlimits into something productive.

We live in scary times.

My friend Asake- who i met through this blog and also twitter. but mainly through this blog.

Is best friends with one of my Lovers Ex's.

Just when you think you know- Life throws you a curve ball.

She( Asake) is cool about it tho- i tease her all the time about having conflict of interests.

She also happens to be writing ALMIGHTY ICAN next month.

yall remeber when i was writing that nasty Exam. I pray for her. for courage and resilience

professional exams drain one. in all sorts of ways.

Shit im rambling.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Last night a deejay...

Or rather tomorrow night a Dj would save mylife.

so my uncle is having a party tomorrow for his friend at his house,

and asked me to dj.

this isnt odd, seeing as every year i do it for all the family parties we have in the village.

every single year.

simply because i know what they like/want and i've beeen doing it forever.

so i went over first to get song samples and drop my oldies playlist and i shall be running late, and i shall spend most of my tomorrrow downloading shalamar.

who or whatever shalamar is.

i dunno why family wait last minute to ask you favours.

Enough about tomorrow.


i think i am going to face disciplinary action at the club, for speeding and one way driving.

In my defense, they need to sort out their parking lot issues.

And the security didnt even report the case o.

it was one man, who had previously seen me at the gym AND offered me 100k if i was able to lose weight in 5 weeks.

( I lied to him that i had a wedding when he asked me what i was doing at the gym, and had 2 drop a dress size because i pre-ordered my dress)

and since then said man has been trying to strike up conversation.

now im not one to be rude to people trying to make conversation at the gym, i mean, we all haave a common enemy (fat) and MOST of us share the same goal( lose weight)

While the others just basically come to meet the opposite sex.

as i was saying, i dont mind people trying to start random conversations at the gym,

actually thats a lie, i have watched enough porn to know that conversations in the gym always lead to dp gangbang sessions. and shit.

so no Mr Pot bellied, my fathers age mate man, i do not want to be "your friend" or receive encouragement from you via cash to lose weight.

Anyways since i am a junior member, i wonder IF my mothe would get suspended.

im too scared to tell her.

actually seeing as i am the only one that actually goes to the damn club, she'd probably be like.

"thank God you can stop trying to lose weight now and be fat"


now onto two other things a la Simon kolawole style.

Wrecking Relationships.
I've always been unable to not tell a girl when her man is stepping out on her.
I just cant not. I feel like God wont forgive me.
I also think its unfair.

Irrespective what most girls say, they actually dont want to know.
and it just wrecks the relationships.

The mother dearest
is having her bathroom remodelled and hence has 2 share a bathroom with me.
I wont even mention how many times she has shrieked my name only for me to find out how"appalled" she is by how clustered my bath is, she cant believe that i use all these variations of black soap.
and how many times she has reminded me that i would soon marry and go to my husbands house.

is this how i plan to disgrace her? Tufia.*

so yes while i await for RIM to get their act together, i shall continue to comb the internet for cheap Blackberry 9900's.

if you know who has one for cheap. hallate your gal.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Lover

My lover is probably one of the best things to happen to me.

and i am someone who a lot of good things have happened to.

I think i must have been extra good in my past life,

that God decided to reward me and bless me with him.

I am thankful, each and everyday i spend with him

for him, for what i have with him, and for who i have become with him.

I am also thankful for the fights, the rough patches and the tears.

somehow all that makes all of this worth it.

he is a good man. and i appreciate that.

although we do not see eye to eye on some things, actually make that many things

he has always always been there for me.

and i am truly thankful.

Obviously i did something right in my past life,

God decided i deserved the best and

gave me the best.

My birthday wishlist

Amongst other things.

no need to doodle about here, lets get straight to the point shall we?


1. Ipod speakers.
I'm such a cheap skate, i've wanted these forever and yet i have been unable to buy myself one.
and i'd love to be able to play music loud from my speakerrrrsssss.
when i get one.

2. Earphones.
Preferably skull candy. but i"ll accept beats by dre, panasonic, sony and what not.
I just fucking need earphones.
As usual, the last earphones were a surprise gift.
which i was totally grateful for.

3.Blackberry bold 9900.
I want this. actually make that need.
this phone just reeks of sexy-ness. too sleek.
I love it.
Been combing the internet looking for a cheap one.
and i never comb the internet for gadgets.

4. Body Magic.
yes. you read right. actually in place of this i would take a cheque made out to my personal trainer for 6 months.

5. the boyfriend watch
long. before the era of boyfriend everythings, blazers, jeans. and waistcoats and shit.
i've always wanted the boyfriend toy watch
its actually my display picture on here. i love it.

6. Wii controllers in Red
Along with Mario kart, just dance and the Michael jackson this is it games. i got my console from the UK so im not too sure, if its NTSC or PAL? but just ask before you buy it.
actually i just want one controller. and it must have the added senstivity bit at the bottom. ( dont remember what its called)

7. Mac cosmetics
Im really dark, so eyeshadow, blush and powder in the range of someone who uses NW45 powder.

8. Pure gold jewellery.
( that spelling of jewellery looks a bit off)
i want white gold plain neck lace. and bracelet.
i also want a yellow gold neck and belly chain interconnected chain.- saw it in one rihanna picture. it looked stunning.

9.A carton of Alize.
I like to drink- socially offcourse, and i like to drink alize. both socially AND anti-socially. ( if that is the opposite of socially). so i want a carton that i can drink when ive had a bad day.
i would also accept a half a carton of Red muscadel and 5 bottles of Cafe patron in case of the carton.

10.Round trip ticket to firenze, dubai, NY, Londres.
i think that last bit was self explanatory. would use any airline asides "air afriquyah"

that airline is what the devil uses to bring the souls that he was won drown from earth to the bottom-less pit of hell.

side bar- i have missed blogging, so much has happened in these past 2 weeks, swift networks didnt allow me share.

would talk about them later.


i just realized i didnt say the date.


I keep getting little signs that maybe I am on the right track, Just maybe,