Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just another random day.

"If you want to start a blog, let it be an extension of yourself. Let it reflect your personality. If you don’t have a personality, then start a website and hire/partner with writers who have personality. If you aren’t doing that, then you need to at least find something to differentiate yourself. Create exclusive content. Unless your best friend is Drake and he’s sending you new songs directly, it’ll be difficult to compete with blogs who are part of the New Music Cartel. So let’s explore other ideas."- Culture Evi.

that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I still havent been to the gym in ages, yes i am hiding from that man. i know its a total loser move. But i really have no idea what to do.

My birthday is coming. and i have decided to stop requesting pressies. i know. just randomly im now on that, if you love me, spoil me tip- i aint gonna beg.

Although i would, scratch that, may may may be having a nizzzze house parry.

i however have no idea what to get myself this year. *sigh*

i really need a holiday. i miss being in Uni.

Who would have thought, i would never be able to stay on the phone till 4 am because i have work the next day.

I met the man that may soon become my Step Father.

and i like him. although we havent spent much time together.
I like him because i see how happy he makes my Mummy.
she deserves all the happiness in the world.

speaking of fathers, i was over at the lovers on sunday making Mac and cheese, when i was done, he tasted it and asked me to offer his father some.

That right there is the most awkward shit ever.

i mean i am all for getting into the good books of my Lovers parents, but offering food- nah son.

its too soon.

Or im just not ready to delve into that just yet.

there are some things you just cant get back from.

Im actually really excited about my upcoming birthday. i feel like somebody is gonna give me a Bentley or something equally as fancy, although lets be honest, there is nothing as fancy as a bentley. not like i need a new car or anything, the Kia works fine.

One more thing ive observed about me. i am good a good to go type person. i dont know if this is good, or bad, but its me.

for instance, while everybody is all over something, lets say a particular dress, im like yah whatevez, im not naked so im good to go.

i got this from my mum, thats the exact same attitude she has, to everything, its probably the reason she has plenty money (inside joke)

she says things like, if you see the sitting room of my subordinates, and you see my own you will be shocked, me as long as there is chair, im happy.

and thats the type of person i am. but sometimes i wonder if having expensive tastes is good.

or if loving something so much that i would starve to buy it is okay.

In uni i had this room mate who used to say she would rather buy clothes with her pocket money then starve.

I thought she was mad, till i encountered people who did stuff like that, ALOT.

for the record i think they are all mad.

or maybe i should just be thankful that the thing i would starve myself over, doesn't have material value.

Any ways, i got to work early today. :) before anybody else!!!!!

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