Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Notebook

yes yes i agree i am lifting the heavier last on this issue.

Oyinkan is carrying the most sha, because she still hasnt seen the movie.

Today at work, i got bored and decided to watch the note book.

Since my bladder is behind my eyes- all my gangster went away.

i cried and cried and cried. someone would think i got fired.


It was just so sad. and sweet and the kind of love that i now know for a fact probably doesnt exist.

but im so impressionable, i really should refrain from watching these movies.

they screw up my love psyche.

not like i even have a love psyche or anything. they just help you built castles in the air about certain things that make you forget about your own bungalow that is on the ground jejely.

Need to fight that.

All men are the same, no good men, no bad men.

Just good women.

I havent been married before, BUT i have received enough martial advice in the last one year from every woman ( both married, unmarried, divorced, seprated, second wife, sade okoya-esque wife) in my line of sight to come to this conclusion.

I know when people have issues. Im not stupid and i dont pretend to act like they dont.

I am that person, who is probably not your friend, but would listen to you when you literally have no one else to talk to.

Because i am Honest. i am that one person who has no problem pointing out the fact that you are a side chick. or that you are doing something wrong.

However i am not strong enough i have never been to say get out of that relationship, or you deserve better. ( mainly because only you knows what you deserve)

i had previously mentioned how i cant not run my mouth when it comes to trifling men abi?

ehn the same way i cant not just want to reach out and hug some one who i know is in pain because i can.

Maybe this is my calling.

I have so much to be thankful for

1. i wore a red belt today AND my senior or manager didnt come in today.
violating dress codes arent healthy.

2. My lover and i were supposed to go out to dinner today, but i dont know if i want to eat out tonight.

3. My weave is really nice ive been checking the internet for it soo tayyy. still havent found it.

4. My birthday party, or rather my birthday. i turn 2* this year. *gasp*

i am getting old. however i dont know if i want to have a party or dinner or come chop or sthg at home.

i have too many friends in too many circles( read as different clique of girls that loathe each other) so having like a birthday dinner would be waaay too expensive.

A house party is seriously being considered, although my birthday is on a weekday AND i dont understand people that have parties like on days that arent their birthdays. like whats the point?

The mother dearest has offered to take me out to chinese, i dont know if i should just take the money and be on my way.

although i have been itching for an ikoyi club party at the pool for ages.

i know eventually i would do nothing all day but collect presents.


By the way i saw that lay it on me video. kelly's body be banging yooo.

I was a skinny rat all my life till like the last 2 years where i miraculously filled out in all the right ( ass, boobs and thighs) and wrong ( stomach and arms) places.
so i have now become a gym rat trying to some how lose the belly and arms without loosing the yansh.

basically this is proving a lot more difficult than i envisioned. i would choose curvy me over skinny me, anytime. the male attention is over-whelming,

this may be one of the reasons. but i really like that i can make my booty clap and wear jeggins and have people being extra helpful.

I dont know what kind of person this makes me, but i like it.


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