Sunday, October 30, 2011

... Sounds like a Tush frog

I can not sing to save anybody talk less of my own life.

But Eneni wanted Karaoke, so we gave her karaoke... Lagos style.

I had too much fun last night.

Shout out to all the girls that came through.

Also special extra special shout out to the yummy yellow boy that is going to drive mt to join my church choir.

When we walked in, he was sitting alone singing Sinatra's i did it my way.

and Negro was Killing it. Infact he was over killing it.

Infact never has the urge to be friends with someone ever been that strong for me. ever.

I actually hate new people so tryna make new friends sans a mutual friend- is most likely impossible.

But my girls and i turned into famz and joined him.

Turns out the Queen Famz knew him so we were covered.

However Negro drives on the other side of the road. :(

and is Yellow.

But it was such an amazing night. I wish i could bottle it up and sip the memories everytime im low.


Def one of the best weekends in a while.

And i killed it at the wedding.

One lady said a picture i took is the kind people use to find husband.

thats how yummy i looked. :)

Today i went to see the lover.

Its Odd how i dont see him for a week and when i see him. it hits me how much i missed him.

Very odd.

I miss you boo. ( he doesnt read this so im cool)



Ive found an excuse to go to my office tomorrow so i can use style to show my new birthday in the office.

It is actually that nice.

Today i was strong, i went to ICF with Oyinkan and her girlies, AND i remained strong and ordered chicken & sweet corn soup. and i did not buy chinese or muffins or any of those things.

I am really proud of myself.

Because i suspect i am a closet foodie. :(

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