Wednesday, October 12, 2011

OMG But you are sooooo Dark.

I giggle and reply, i've never been a light person- what are you on about?

Whenever i meet people for the 1st time, especially females, They comment on my skin shade.

They say " you are quite dark o"

I find it amusing. Ive never been Light skinned, so i dont understand their shock.

Maybe i seem/ speak/come across like a light person.

The same way people cant believe im tall.

Or cant believe im not a size 16- With the way i go on and on about my weight.

My point is this, Nothing is wrong with being dark.

especially if you have really bad skin like yours truly.

But Whenever i see some dark sinned people bleach themselves

Im confused.

There was this girl in my Uni MRS, in year 1 she was probably as dark as me.

Now she is probably as light as Nadia Buari.

I saw her naked the other day and was disgusted.

Green and red veins criss crossed, back of her knees

Blackened knuckles

Black stretch marks

She looked a mess and a half.

Is bleaching worth it?

Do girls really feel not beautiful because they are dark skinned?

Would i feel more beautiful If i was light skinned?

No. I would feel extremely beautiful if i had clear skin.

So yesterday at the party i Deejay'd for, i was a bit late due to other stuff.

Thats how My uncle said i could make some extra cash on the side with this DJ gig.

I said oh no thank you.

Uncle Reggie( one of my Uncles friends) said: E be like say your guy they sort you out well. pepper rest for the guy hand abi? *

Uncle CY laughed and said no mind these ones, them no dey pay rent.

I like hanging out with them. they are sooo street. and they all turned out so well.

Its just a testimony to the fact that you can be dirt poor and turn yourself around**

So I also got saddled with Taking someone out this weekend. so whoohoo to friday and drinks!!

Gats Ginger Debo.

Oh and i did tell My mum about the Incident at the club.

She said all Men are useless.

* Because my mother is from warri, we always speak pidgin whenever her siblings are around.

** My Mother grew up dirt poor. Like one room with seven children kinda poor.

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