Saturday, October 8, 2011

My birthday wishlist

Amongst other things.

no need to doodle about here, lets get straight to the point shall we?


1. Ipod speakers.
I'm such a cheap skate, i've wanted these forever and yet i have been unable to buy myself one.
and i'd love to be able to play music loud from my speakerrrrsssss.
when i get one.

2. Earphones.
Preferably skull candy. but i"ll accept beats by dre, panasonic, sony and what not.
I just fucking need earphones.
As usual, the last earphones were a surprise gift.
which i was totally grateful for.

3.Blackberry bold 9900.
I want this. actually make that need.
this phone just reeks of sexy-ness. too sleek.
I love it.
Been combing the internet looking for a cheap one.
and i never comb the internet for gadgets.

4. Body Magic.
yes. you read right. actually in place of this i would take a cheque made out to my personal trainer for 6 months.

5. the boyfriend watch
long. before the era of boyfriend everythings, blazers, jeans. and waistcoats and shit.
i've always wanted the boyfriend toy watch
its actually my display picture on here. i love it.

6. Wii controllers in Red
Along with Mario kart, just dance and the Michael jackson this is it games. i got my console from the UK so im not too sure, if its NTSC or PAL? but just ask before you buy it.
actually i just want one controller. and it must have the added senstivity bit at the bottom. ( dont remember what its called)

7. Mac cosmetics
Im really dark, so eyeshadow, blush and powder in the range of someone who uses NW45 powder.

8. Pure gold jewellery.
( that spelling of jewellery looks a bit off)
i want white gold plain neck lace. and bracelet.
i also want a yellow gold neck and belly chain interconnected chain.- saw it in one rihanna picture. it looked stunning.

9.A carton of Alize.
I like to drink- socially offcourse, and i like to drink alize. both socially AND anti-socially. ( if that is the opposite of socially). so i want a carton that i can drink when ive had a bad day.
i would also accept a half a carton of Red muscadel and 5 bottles of Cafe patron in case of the carton.

10.Round trip ticket to firenze, dubai, NY, Londres.
i think that last bit was self explanatory. would use any airline asides "air afriquyah"

that airline is what the devil uses to bring the souls that he was won drown from earth to the bottom-less pit of hell.

side bar- i have missed blogging, so much has happened in these past 2 weeks, swift networks didnt allow me share.

would talk about them later.


i just realized i didnt say the date.


kechiwam said...

You're my birthday mate.I doubt that I can even make a wishlist of this calibre, none of my peeps would even read it to the end before yabbing me.... that's just sad.... hope your wishlist is fulfilled (even if its partially)

Ms.Oreoluwa said...

lol. yay to scorpios!
oh and my friends are gonna buy somethings.( but they would yab me 1st sha) not all. you should make a list, you'd be surprised.
whats your bloglink?


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