Monday, October 31, 2011

food for thought.

In as much as ive never hidden the fact that i have always wanted to model,

I quite like my day job, and im pretty good at it.

I want to make partner and buy out my firm, put my name on that letter head paper type shit.

I mean i cant sing or dance or walk right( cause of my reccurent left knee patella dislocation)ever
hence i cant model. and i walk with a slight spring in my step.

But i can balance the hell out of an account.

Cash flows are my babies, and preparing accounts- piece of cake.

My cousin and his friends used to mock me that if i get high my weird thing ( apparently everyone has one) would be to open an accounts text book and balance the shit outta it.

( I have never smoked weed, I am scared shitless of stuff that make me lose control)

so when i saw this article, it got me thinking... If i did lose my Day Job.. What am i going to get up too?

Because of this im off to learn a handwork, be it sewing o, or hair dressing. or something random.

Although i have an awesome taste in Music AND i would be a kick ass dee jay.

so Food for thought yall.. yay or nay to 9-5's?

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