Thursday, October 27, 2011


I think we enable the men in our society to be dependents.

I look at my 21 year old brother, who is still living at home, who every thing is done for.

At 13, i was a frequent visitor to oyingbo market, i was cooking and what not.

I go to the market now sparingly because i have a maid( who is probably as useless as my brother)

But the point is, i was raised washing plates- that my brother used to eat

Making the bed- That he slept on

Sweeping the palor - that he and his friends came to play game in.

and basically picking up after him.

Infact my Mother would scream at me, if any thing happened to my brother.

And now she complains that he isnt accountable.

Because he has never been accountable for anything.

and all the while my mother would be screaming about how i intend to go and disgrace her in my husbands house if i burn stew.

One day im going to tell her" My husband probably cant cook -except indome- whatever i cook, he would eat"

- when i move into my husbands house off course.

So im wondering Who do we blame for men that are dependent, the men?

Or the mothers who babied them all their lives?

- This still applies to my grandmother and my Uncles, you should see how she pets them. *vom*

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Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

This isn't new happens. Mothers and theirs sons, especially only sons.

My Mother always tells me tho, never marry or date a mama's boy, or a man who tells u he has to consult his Mom for every decision...because his mother is going to rule your relationship and he'll take her side 97% of the time!


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