Monday, October 17, 2011

Party Planning and other things.

I'm currently attempting to draft a list of people that I intend to have over at my game night on thursday.

Why Thursday?

Friday is gym night. PLUS the mother returns 1st flight on saturday. and guess who is going to get her from the airport?


So for games night, all i need is alcohol and the game and disposable cups.

I may have involved small chops but nah men, - e too cost.

so prally just biscuits and alcohol and the cups and mixers. i am excited!

So it also turns out i have a very familiar face..

Security at clients site walked up to me and asked IF I WENT TO IGBOBI COLLEGE.
Nothing is wrong with attending Igbobi college o- I know people that went there.

But cammaaaan. really i look familiar and did i attend Igbobi. i know for one it wasnt a mixed school. so i just laughed and said okay.

Planning games night is so tedious, i need a party planner.

OK im just gonna consider games night the test run for my Birthday house parry.

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