Friday, October 28, 2011


So i got my hair braided. and it looks good. i quite like it.

its also really colored.

BUT it hurts too much when i attempt to dutty wine with it.

so maybe next weekend then.

My gurl Eneni is in for the weekend!

and she brought my birthday present!!!!!

Old friends Rock!

#sidebar New friends should seize this opportunity to rock and buy me Presents!

You are now reading the blog of a proud new owner of Zaron pallet!!!!

Im sooo excited.

I love her and Nengi so much. they are practically my sisters!

However thier extermely hot brother Teks is NOT my brother.

( hey teks if you read this, we should kick it (read as get drinks) sometime- in the near future like say tomorrow, after the wedding?)
LOL jk.

However I'd like to know when Deji Fanta got that Hot.

Onto more important things, like how fabulous i shall be looking tomorrow.

I actually have 3 dresses and i have NO idea which to wear.

I need to stop living outta my suit case.

Well in my defense, its just one suitcase now.

I have managed to unpack the other one- into the current suitcase.


I amuse myself sometimes.

My hair is freaking gorge and its exciting me

If i knew Ghana weaving would make me look like good, You know i would have been on it since 19 60 gbelele.

but it chops front hair so im just gonna make the most outta it.

However this is really spesh to me because i
1) made it under the Ikeja bridge.

Ok not really under, more like opposite under the bride.

2) It was MORE expensive than i would have paid

at the salon at Aguda where i usually braid my hair.

3) I managed to forget my wallet at home when i went to make my hair

which i kinda didnt notice until i had 2 pay for sthg after they had started my hair and i could turn back, so i basically called my home gurl ( Shout out to D) who didnt have cash, but asked her Man to give my driver which i sent to go and pick it up.
Oh and D if you are reading this, there is no way im driving to GRA on a saturday so yeah, you'll get ur cash on Monday.

4) My Lover totally hearts braids and all that jazz, he thinks they are uber sexy. i think i agree.

I am seriously giving off dominatrix vibes when i pack it into a pony tail.

and its yansh length.

I swear this Ghana weaving can do no wrong in my eye.

oh probably except the fact that my hair is due and the life span is 2 weeks.


and yes, i realise how self absorbed this post is.
speaking of hair

My home girl Anu went Natural and is even more self absorbed than me, she decided to blog about it.

go on -----> copy and past that into your browser.

Im yet to find someone that liberated by cutting off her hair.

But then what do i know? i cut mine when i was 18,

I think as long as you feel good, with relaxed, or natural or "ghana weave" hair, you are beautiful.

ok gatta catch some beauty winks to look super great tomorrow!

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