Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Questions People Ask.

What would you do if your Lover left you?


I dont know. i have never considered him leaving me.
Because i wouldnt know what to do.
But im sure i would be fine.

- I dont think thats what most people want to hear.

They want tears, and hate and anger and whatever.

I tell myself and them, " its a great relationship, if he wants out, there is nothing i can do about it"

Nothing i'd even want to do about it.

They think i'm mad. hell even i think im mad sometimes.

But hey, Loves makes you mad. No?

I see people wanting to be happy with SO's. thirsty and needy.

I tell them they all need " the business".

If you are unhappy with yourself, somebody else cant bring you happiness.

Even if they were mother theresa. You'd still be sad.

I think Self love should be a course in University/ies. too many people walking around with issues that stem from nothing.

Like they are in some damn tyler perry movie.

being overtly dramatic, all because they lack self love.

What i've learnt.
Relationships are hardwork.
Probably the hardest thing for someone like me, who has always had her way.
Compromise, Probably the 2nd hardest.
Being alone, the third.
Thats why you gatta have your own thing. so When you have to be alone, because he wants to watch football with his friends, you dont die of paranoia.

You have to be patient, lots and lots of patience, Not everyone would know how to Love you- Which is why you muct know how to lovw your self.

Albert E- If you cant explain it, then you dont understand it.

If you dont know how to love yourself, You cant teach anybody how to love you.

Which is sad, because you have just one mother, you gatta teach everyone else how to love/treat you. especially the one person who you are with most of your waking hours.

You have to let go. no point holding back- if it doesnt work out. It didnt work out.

Dust yourself up and try again.

And for fucks sake smile- You arent hawking Akara under ikeja Bridge.

( I should take this advise, Im always squeezing my face like somebody they gave shit to eat).


I went into work today and this Manager, asked me for my Number,

He said he had missed me.

I swear i must be like an Aristo Magnet or something.

Tbh that shit freaks me out.

Why are you missing a random staff in your firm that you have never worked with?

Older men that chase younger women, lack self respect. looking for validation with a Younger woman would only make you broke.
AND, even if you gat it, Deeep down inside you know its tricking.

so I managed to leave the office without giving him my number.

But i know he wont stop till he gets it.

I hate how men cant channel the persistence they use to chase women who are offlimits into something productive.

We live in scary times.

My friend Asake- who i met through this blog and also twitter. but mainly through this blog.

Is best friends with one of my Lovers Ex's.

Just when you think you know- Life throws you a curve ball.

She( Asake) is cool about it tho- i tease her all the time about having conflict of interests.

She also happens to be writing ALMIGHTY ICAN next month.

yall remeber when i was writing that nasty Exam. I pray for her. for courage and resilience

professional exams drain one. in all sorts of ways.

Shit im rambling.


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